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Hi everyone!
Dare I say “Happy Black Friday”? Did any of you go out and brave of chaos today? I am at our family cabin right now. My mom, my brothers girlfriend and I are planning to head out to a touristy town about an hour away. We aren’t going to be shopping any of the big stores and the big Black Friday Sales. We are just going to hit up all the small antique shops and 2nd hand stores to see what they have. We do this every year. I gave up the whole Black Friday shopping thing about 8 years ago when I stood in line at 5:00am in freezing sleeting weather along with about 300 other people to get into Walmart and get a laptop that was at an amazingly great price. And they ended up only having 5 of them so, the rest of us got screwed. NEVER again!
Okay, on to more pleasant things!
I know very few people go  out and get real Christmas trees anymore, but we do. Actually we go out into the woods here at the cabin and look for our perfect Christmas tree and cut it down, strap it onto our truck and bring it home each year. Of course in the woods there is no such thing as a perfectly groomed Christmas tree. At tree farms , the trees are formed throughout the years by man. The wilderness has no grooming. So, the trees are lopsided or missing gaps but, I find that beautiful.
What I was wondering is if you decorate your Christmas tree with all matching ornaments or do you use ornaments that you have collected throughout the years?
I have to admit, my favorite Christmas décor is the Christmas tree. I could live without everything else as long as I had a Christmas tree! Okay, I have to share this and it is a mushy little story. The year that Troy had his accident, he had been in hospitals (yes, multiple ones) for weeks. They finally allowed him to come home a couple of weeks before Christmas. I had to do a lot of stuff to the house in order to meet all the things the hospital required before they would release him. I had to completely empty out our dining room so that it could be turned into a hospital room. And since that was where Troy was going to be sleeping for over a month, I removed a bunch of our living room furniture. Side tables, coffee table and a chair so I could sleep downstairs near him on an air mattress. Troy couldn’t walk at all. he couldn’t get out of bed. We had 3 different medical people coming by everyday to work with him. I was just so happy to have him home. But, at the same time it was mentally the most draining time. I was working from home at the time for an internet company and we had no other income coming in. I had to cut down on my hours because I needed to take care of Troy full time (yes, the insurance company decided that although the doctors said he needed a full time nurse around the clock, since I worked from home they figured I could do the job and wouldn’t pay for help).
Anyway, I had no time or energy to decorate for Christmas. The worst part was there was no room left for a Christmas tree. And that was the one thing that really emotionally sent me over the edge. I had to keep up appearances for Troy’s sake but, inside I was a hot mess. I talked to our friends one day and they asked about our Christmas tree. I told them we weren’t going to have one because there just was no room.
I won’t even going into how amazingly supportive they had been to me and to us during that whole ordeal. But, one evening Mike (our friend) showed up to visit Troy. He showed up with this box. I asked what it was. and he said just wait and see. He and Sherry (wife) had went out and bought us this beautiful Thomas Kincaid tabletop Christmas Tree. It came with all the ornaments and lights. he set it up so that Troy could see it from his bed in the dining room. I am not sure I even said a word as I looked at it. I just cried.
Although I put up a big real Christmas tree every year, that Thomas Kincaid Tree gets put up on my dresser in our bedroom every year so that we both can enjoy it every night and wake up to it every morning. It represents so much more than a Christmas tree to us!
Okay, moving on!
My Christmas tree is a complete mish mash of ornaments. And that is the way I love it!
Each and every ornament holds a wonderful moment that I have captured in my memories.
If I had a large house with room to do multiple Christmas trees, I would and I would do matching theme trees. But, my main Christmas tree will ALWAYS remain filled with the joy of memories that I have when I look at the different ornaments!
How about you? Do you hold special memories of different ornaments?


  1. Diann, what a sweet and moving story! Friends are really so important aren't they! The Christmas tree is my favorite also. Covered in memory ornaments as I call them. I think themed tress are so pretty but for me the memories of my ornaments are the reason for Christmas. I hope you enjoy your fun day. I'm taking Tiger shopping for a few gifts for his cousins today.

  2. I think you've got the right idea! It's small business Saturday anyway so I too plan to hit up the independent stores. I just had knee replacement 3 weeks ago so I'm limiting my decorating this year but I also love the tree. I often wish I had a tree that looked like one from a magazine but mine is filled with 30 plus years of ornaments and kids crafts and my mind is always stirred by the memories each ornament brings.

  3. I don't usually go shopping on Black Friday, too many people pushing and shoving! I did go to Petsense and bought my chihuahua a new sweater, she was really needing one. I ask the clerk if they had been busy and she said 'not at all'. They had a 50% off couldn't miss that.

  4. Our tree is a mish mash of different ornaments. We used to exchange with one another, we buy one when we go on a trip and date it. Our grown son who lives with us has ornaments. I have ornaments from our Moms and also ornaments from craft friends. I try to alternate so they all get a chance to be on the tree. I would love to see your Thomas Kincaid tree. What a special memory!

  5. What a nice post, Diann. Some years I decorate with what I have collected over the last 50 years, others either a single color or two colors. I haven't decided what I will do this year...guess I should be thinking on it seeing it is only 26 days away!

  6. Some of the most beautiful trees I've seen are decorated in themes or specific colors. But our is, and always has been, a collection of ornaments from my childhood and those that we have collected during our travels since we've been together. Each year is special as we reminisce about the places we visited together. The past few years we've had kittens in the house and although one was older last year, he still liked to climb up the inside of the tree. I hesitate to put my prettiest breakables on the tree, so we stick to those which can't be hurt if they come off. One year we'll be able to have all of them again. Thank you for sharing ! Have a blessed Christmas, Diann.

  7. Tears falling. What a sweet story. So touching.

  8. We always did cut our tree from my grandparents woods and you are right they are a bit loop sided and sparse but they were the best trees in the world and I loved them for all of their quirkiness. Now we have to have a fake tree because my husband had a bone marrow transplant and we have to be very careful of everything.
    I decorate with antique and vintage ornaments I have collected over the years.

  9. No theme trees for me - my main tree is mostly all vintage decorations, a smaller one is my memory tree - decorations that belonged to my Mom and Grandmother. My other small tree is a shiny brite one - I used to go for all primitive but I've switched to vintage, which I like better and is so much more like Christmas!. I agree with you, miss match trees are best!


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