Autumn Copper Tablescape

Hi everyone!

This is one of my all time favorite Autumn tablescapes. I LOVE to use copper during the Fall months.  And it really surprises me that more people don’t add touches of copper to their Fall décor. It is the perfect metal for the season. The rich color just fits so beautifully!

I found these dishes at Value World and just fell in love with them! They are a white ironstone with a dark green pattern.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

Don’t you love different shaped dishes? Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

Hum. Looking at the tablecloth, placemats and dishes, the whole look is all wrong.  I originally used a mossy green tablecloth and natural bamboo placemats.  This is the part we as blogging tablescapers don’t usually show but, I need to find different linens because this is so not working for me.  Tell me this has never happened to you? You have the look in your head and then when things start to be put together, it is totally not what you thought it would be!

Okay, I will be right back…….lalala…….

I decided to go with using plain chocolate brown napkins for placemats. I couldn’t pass up the price of .25 cents each. I got these at the grocery store.

I love the rich colors and the wonderful design on this fabric and used it as a small table runner.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty GrooveIsn’t it gorgeous! It is actually a thrifted pillowcase I found at a yard sale for .25 cents a couple of years ago.

Okay, let me put the dishes back on the table and add all the other things.

I added the gold raise leaf/grape charger. I paid full price for these at The Christmas Tree Shops!  $1.69 each. I know! Can you believe that I paid full retail for something?! I must have had a mental breakdown for a moment!

Here is the table setting.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

Did anyone else buy these leaf napkin rings at the dollar store? I thought they were fun and you can’t beat 4 napkin rings for $1.00!Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

I bought these two different sets of glasses at an estate sale. Each glass was .10 cent.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty GrooveAdd a few dollar store leaves and acorns.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove I have slowly been accumulating some fun copper pieces while thrifting. I found this set at SA. It is made by Coppercraft Guild which was a "pre-Tupperware" home party company that sold decorative copper home decor items. It has 9 pieces in the set (I didn’t use the gravy boat). It was marked $6.99 and then it was 50% off that price. I really like this set a lot!

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty GrooveAs you can see, I am using the round copper cups to hold tealights.The details aren’t really showing up very well. But, they are so pretty!

I just added a few pumpkins that I swiped from around the house.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty GrooveHere are just random pictures of my thrifty November tablescape!

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

I love all the warm tones and various metals and then to add white just makes it all pop. 

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove


Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

Do you use copper in your Autumn décor? If not, you should! LOL This year start looking for inexpensive pieces at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales to use next year in the Fall.

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  1. Diann, this is just gorgeous! I don't have any copper but will now keep my eyes open for some. I LUV those dishes! Ironstone and that shape...score! It's a rainy day here but perfect for playing with my've inspired me!

  2. Love your tablescape Diann! I need to rethink my views on copper!

  3. Hi Diann! Very pretty table. I bought those chargers at CTS a few years ago too. .25 for napkins, what a deal! I donated several copper pieces, could kick myself now, but you can't hold on to everything! I have a few pieces left that I used in a tablescape awhile back.
    Hope you are well, missed you at the challenge this month!

  4. Very pretty! I love using copper in the fall too. Your tablescape looks especially inviting with the new Ironstone plates on the pretty chargers.... Candy

  5. Diann your table scape is absolutely gorgeous!! You did a great job pulling it all together. I can not tell you how many times I start on a decorating project with a end goal in mind, for it all to turn out nothing like I expected.

  6. Pretty tablescape. Love the dishes and those gorgeous glasses.

  7. Everything looks very festive, Diann. Really pretty.

    I don't use copper because I find it hard to clean. But yours looks great. Susan

  8. Hi Diann, I have some copper chargers that I used last year during the fall...guess I should hunt them up and use them again this year. Love the shape of those plates.
    Wishing you and Troy a great week!

  9. I love the way you used the copper. I used to sell for Coppercraft in the early 80's and then they folded. I have lots of copper pieces. Those cups are actually called roly poly's and went with a punch bowl. You can probably find them on eBay.

  10. The only copper I have in the house is the bottom of a frying pan... don't think that is the look you were going for though.
    I really like seeing the reflection of the runner in the copper cup. Brings life to a tablescape.


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