Sunday at the Table~Saving Seeds

Hi everyone!

Most of you know that I love to do thrifty tablescapes. Have you seen any tablescape posts from me lately? Nope! Why? Because my dining room table has been “seed saving central” this past summer!


These are the plates that have adorned my table all summer. We have been harvesting the seeds from various heirloom produce that we have grown at the farm this year.


I think these are the last of our winter squash seeds. So, I might actually get my dining room table back soon!


Of course, this too has taken up the table since Spring! The dehydrator. I don’t think we have had a single day in about 3 months that this thing wasn’t running. Honest! We definitely need to get several more for next year.


We have dried a ton of various veggies this year. But, without a doubt the biggest time has been concentrated at drying our hot peppers. We have grown several of the world’s hottest peppers this season and are developing a new product. Our customers at DTL Herbs have been asking us for some hot and spicy mixes. We listened and dedicated a lot of time this year to grow these peppers in order to fill this need.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what those “sticks” are in the above picture, they are dill stems. Did you know they are filled with flavor as well as the leaves? Yup, I use them to flavor my oils and vinegars for here at home. They don’t look as pretty so, I don’t use them for products. but, for home use, they are just fine.

Do you save your seeds?


  1. Growing up we always had a huge garden, and my Mother always saved seeds from year to year. A sweet memory. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You've been busy with all those seeds. Enjoy the table when it's back in commission.

  3. That's quite an operation you have going there. We used to roast pumpkin seeds in the oven when our kids were little but other than dill seed and drying my herbs I've never just focused on the seeds.


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