25 Things to Do While Watching TV

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I believe that women for generations have been major multi-taskers. This is not a new concept. It is more a way of life. The reality is that there is always something that needs done around our home.  I think women are actually born with a multitasking gene. It is like second nature to us.

In order to not let all the little things pile up, these are a few things I do while watching TV in the evening.

25 things to do while watching tv @thethriftygroove.com

  1. Take a grocery bag into the living room and go through all the mail and immediately throw out stuff you don’t need.
  2. Write in calendar/day planner upcoming events, dates of bills to be paid and any other relevant date type things.
  3. Make out bills and any other correspondence
  4. Clean out phone email, pictures and text messages
  5. Make weekly menu plan
  6. Fold several loads of laundry
  7. Clean jewelry
  8. Mending. Yup, still sew on a button from time to time or sew up a small rip
  9. Go through magazines and purge. (donate to a senior living facility)
  10. Match up clean socks
  11. Cut out coupons and match up sales ads
  12. Paint toenails or fingernails…or both!
  13. Shred old un-needed papers
  14. Clean out your purse/wallet
  15. Give yourself a facial (mask)
  16. Update your address book
  17. Make your grocery list
  18. Remove your junk drawer and clean it out
  19. Clean shoes. Use a Mr.Clean eraser on scuff marks
  20. Do some ironing (I use a small tabletop ironing board)
  21. Detangle necklaces
  22. Write out blog outline and or ideas for future posts
  23. Write a “Love” letter to your spouse and tuck it somewhere he/she will find it the next day
  24. Polish up some silver pieces
  25. Cut up old worn out, stained clothes for rags

There are a lot of other things and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. The other night while watching TV I gathered the 3 coffee cans I have filled with cookie cutters and sorted them into “holiday theme” bags. It was one of those little things that I had been meaning to do and never had the time.

Here is another great list of things to do while watching TV. Kathi and I have a few of the same things but, she has a lot of great ideas that aren’t on my list!

30 Organizing Projects You Can Do While Watching a 30 Minute TV Show

There are evening when I only watch TV. But, my nature is to stay busy.

Oh, and my biggest internety thing I do at night is Pinterest! Seriously, I pin away on my phone late at night. I don’t have time to do it during the day because I found that I can quickly lose HOURS if I step into the world of Pinterest while at my laptop! Doing it on my phone seems to keep me from losing myself in Pinterest! LOL

You can find Kathi’s list along with a lot of other great organizing tips on my Pinterest board Thrifty Organizing


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  1. You are more ambitious than I. I do agree that us ladies are great at multitasking.

  2. i normally tweet when am watching tv, i didnt think i could be doing productive work

  3. I get on the computer when I watch TV and do some of the other things you mentioned for sure!

  4. We are on the same page I do a lot of those tips while using the tv as background noise too. Its nice to get rid of some of that "quiet". I got used to the noise with 3 kids in the house....lol

  5. Okay, if I commented three or four times, it's not my fault. Sometimes google comment is just...well. you know. anyway! Great list. I almost can't watch t.v. anymore with out doing something else- laundry, cleaning, crafting, facebook...just something to do at least during the commercials.


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