Taking in Nature

Hi everyone!
The first day we were at the cabin, my nephew asked if I would like to go for a ride in the “June Bug”. I said sure. I love to spend time with my nephews. Zack is 22 and a really good “kid”.
So, we set out on a little site seeing adventure. He took me first to the deer blind they have been working on. You might remember that I decided to add my own touches to this “He Man” blind with a girly tea. You can see that post here.
Everything is made from salvaged materials. And my mom likes to leave her mark on all new built things around the cabin. And everyone knows you just need to let her have at it.
A view from the tree blind and Zack..
He took me on some back trails and showed me where him and his buddies all camped a few weeks ago and did rafting and fishing.
It started to rain lightly which just added another element of beauty in my opinion.
The water level was pretty high in the river. It had down-poured the day before.
So pretty and serene.
We then just went on an adventure.
It started raining a bit harder but, we still went on.
The canopy of the trees kept most of the rain under control.
We stopped at a little hill and clearing. The man who originally owned part of this land died years ago and his family placed a memorial stone right here overlooking his land. It is very touching.
We slowly worked our way back toward the cabin. Even though the following pictures don’t look too steep, this is the power line and it is a pretty good incline! I think Zack thought he might scare Aunt Diann by taking this way back down the hill. Instead, I thought it was fun!
By the time we got back to the cabin it was pouring down!
With a cup of hot coffee and wrapped in a flannel shirt, I just enjoyed the rain from the comfort of the huge screened porch.
I could hear and enjoy the smells coming from the kitchen where my mom was cooking up my favorite dinner…a big roast beef with real mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. Savoring the warm oven smells of this comfort food, the sounds of my mom puttering around in the kitchen and getting Troy to help her get the bowls off the top shelf of the cabinet,  listening to my dad and nephew quibbling over the baseball game, the rain coming down and hearing it hit the old tin roof on the shed was without a doubt, the very best birthday to me!
Today, life is good!


  1. Beautiful and so calming Diann! I'd love to get away to some place like this someday!

  2. Wonderful! What a great way to spend a birthday! Hugs to you my sweet friend.


  3. What a great place and a nice time you must have had, you brave girl!!! The downpour doesn't look that fun, LOL. Great dtribute to the man that owned that land too.


  4. Happy Belated Birthday to you. Sounds like the perfect atmosphere for a celebration.

  5. HAPPY Belated BIRTHDAY. Sounds like the perfect atmosphere for a celebration.

  6. that sounds like a great way to spend your birthday. especially the rain part

  7. Sounds and looks beautiful! happy Birthday

  8. Hi Diann. Wrote a comment but lost it. Anyway, I wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday----at least it's still in the same month! Mine is a September birthday, too, and it was delightful.

    Your photos are lovely. I can smell the hot coffee and the yummy roast beef and hear the rain pelting the roof. Comforting, indeed.

    Hope your weekend is super. Susan


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