Sunday at the Table~Wild Apple Pie Recipe

Hi everyone!
I am writing this while up at our cabin in Northern Michigan.
If you are a Pinterest user I am sure you have seen lots of DIY posts about making your own farm table. Not only are farm tables beautiful, they conjure up images of days gone by. They instantly feel like family and give the illusion of slower times.
The reality is, it wasn’t a slower time, it was hard working from sun up to sun down and beyond time.
Sunday At The Table~Wild Apple Pie Recipe@The Thrifty Groove
Those old farm tables were being used to get bread and biscuits made and baking before the sun came up so food would be ready to eat and taken out to the fields with the workers. The old farm table then turned into a place for mending clothing, canning up the harvest, cleaning up and bandaging a cut, homework was done at the old farm table. And late nights of trying to see how you can pay the bills and make ends meet were worried over at the old farm table.
Sunday at the Table ~ Wild Apple Pie Recipe @ The Thrifty Groove
Most important the old farm table was the heart of the home. Where families ate and talked about their days. Where happy news was shared or sad news was given. It represents family.
A time when computers, cable, cell phones, tv’s , microwaves, fast food, disposable products and instant everything were just some crazy fantasies seen at a Saturday matinee movie.
Wild Apple Pie Recipe @ The Thrifty Groove
The old farm table is a reminder of a simpler time and things we gave up for progress.
The old farm table at the cabin which was originally my grandparents kitchen table, is still the gathering place for us. Dinners are served at the table.
While we were at the cabin, we stopped and picked some wild Michigan apples.There are apple trees just loaded down all over the place in Northern Michigan.
Now these aren't your sweet apples! These apples are tart, tangy and very juicy. My dad made a pie with them.
Wild Apple Pie Recipe @ The Thrifty Groove
Dads Wild Apple Pie
Use your favorite pie crust recipe or a 2 pre-made pie crusts
This was made in a large glass pie dish
350 degrees for 40-45 minute's (ovens and time vary)
5 cups chopped and peeled wild apples
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of white sugar
4 Tablespoons flour
2 teaspoons of cinnamon’
1/4 teaspoon salt
Mix all the above ingredients together and the pour into pie crust. Top with 2 Tablespoons chopped butter.Add top crust and cut a couple of vent holes and sprinkle with additional white sugar. Bake for 40-45.
Wild apple pie recipe @ TTG
I will be joining a couple of parties this week:



  1. Looks like a marvelous recipe. LOVE the old family table. Lots of history there.

  2. Looks absolutely delicious! I love apple season but have never tried wild ones. We had crabapples in our yard growing up :)

  3. I love apple pie and this looks so good!! I miss having the family gather around the table like we did when the kids were young. Still when we all get together we do gather and talk and share. I miss the simpler times for sure.

  4. That pie looks awesome! My dad was a baker too :-) Mr. B & eat every meal at the table together. Dinner always starts with "how was your day?"

  5. This looks DELICIOUS!!! I am going apple picking Friday and will have to give this a try!!!

  6. We never eat at the island, always at the table. My son and his family of 5 do the same. Having meals together is an impt part of family life.
    God bless your dad, his pie looks great. DH is a pie baker too, and muffins and rugelach. He leaves the cakes to me.

  7. Oh my! This looks delicious! Thank you for sharing :)

  8. This pie looks delicious. But your post about the farm table is beautiful. The descriptions speak of a simpler time was family was so important. I loved it.

  9. Diann, I love that old farm table. I wish I had one that had been handed down through generations. How lucky you and your family are to have your Dad make beautiful (and I'm sure delicious) apple pies. Thank you for sharing the recipe. laurie


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