Sunday at the Table~After Supper

Hi everyone!
We are now into our 5th generation of family that enjoys the cabin as often as possible. And although the world has changed dramatically over the years, some things stay the same…..
Once “supper” (we have a tendency to have late meals at the cabin) is over, the table is cleared and the kitchen is cleaned. A pot of coffee is put on and dessert is brought out.
I’m not sure the cabin has ever seen a store bought cake…ever! Baking and cooking from scratch are a huge part of the cabin. My Grandma would be yelling down from Heaven at my mom if she even thought of buying a pre-made cake to have at the cabin!
Everything slows down there. There are no conveniences available in the middle of the woods.
Coffee and dessert is served and generally a card game is being anticipated. We have always played card or dice games at night while at the cabin. It’s a nightly tradition. At this point we have all changed into flannel pants and shirts. Getting cozy and comfortable.
Partners are picked and cards are dealt. The game begins. For those of you not from this area, the card game of choice is always Euchre. We learn to play Euchre from the time we are able to recognize what each card is.
I often wonder what the other people around the table spiked their coffee with! Because generally the “Tall Tales” of the day also begin.
At the start of the game, someone caught a nice 12” Walleye earlier in the day. By the time the card game has heated up, that same Walleye has turned into a 3 man operation to just pull it into the boat!
A lot of “Remember when…..?” conversation starts about midway through the game. Lots of fond memories are brought back. And a lot of laughing continues late into the night.
Everyone is happy and relaxed. The games quickly turns from “Best 2 out of 3” to “Best 3 out of 5”.
Some of our favorite memories come from nights at the kitchen table surrounded with family and sharing stories and laughter..


  1. Your cake looks delicious..YUM! Playing card is a nice way to spend the evening.. I remember playing Rummy with my grandmother often. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. How fabulous to be able to share such sweet memories with your family. Treasures of life for sure.

  3. This makes me wish I had that time in the cabin with you. :) I love family traditions!

  4. Such nice conversation around the table. Sounds wonderful.

  5. It sounds absolutely wonderful, Diann. So happy you can experience the deep love and connectedness of a family. Susan


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