Sunday at the Table~Adding Beauty

Hi everyone!

When Troy and I drove up to the cabin, we took our time and stopped here and there along the way,


Our first stop on our trip was Spicer Orchards. I have to say, it really feels like you are kicking off a Fall season when you stop at an apple orchard!


We walked around and enjoyed all the wonderful crisps scents of apples, peaches, berries and of course fresh donuts being made.

cheese house1

Next stop was the Cheese House. This is as bad as walking into a fudge store for me. I think my favorite food is cheese. And I love all kinds

We tasted several different flavors of aged cheese and then of course bought a few things to nibble on while driving. Let’s just say fresh cheese curds make me smile!

flea market 1

The next stop before heading back into the cabin was a old flea market. I remember when this place was a drive in theater. We hit the market just as they were closing. An adventure trip is never really successful unless I get to do a little thrifting!


I saw this old pitcher. Oh, she had seen better days but, I couldn’t let her just sit on the counter and nobody buying her because she was chipped and discolored. For $1.00 she came to the cabin with me.


I gathered up some wildflowers, pine branches and some ferns and gave her a home on the farm table in the kitchen.


As I walked around the cabin gathering pretty wildflowers I was completely flooded with memories og doing the same thing when I was a little girl.


I can hear my Grandpa calling out to me, “What are ya doing pretty girl?”

“I’m picking flowers for Grandma so she can put them on the table.”

He would help me find flowers around the yard. And I would be so excited to bring this big bundle of all the pretty treasures I found to my Grandma.


She would always find some old chipped glass or container of some kind and fill it with water and put my flowers in it.


Perhaps not the prettiest or most perfect flowers but, they made me happy and they made my grandparents smile.


Thank you for stopping bye and I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!


  1. Sweet! I would love to see what they charged to pick apples at the orchard. The place where we pick has gone from 10 dollars a bag in 1990 to 45 this year!
    Glad you are getting some time to relax!

  2. Oh Diann, what a sweet memory. You know I have a love for the chipped and faded (sorta reminds me of me). Hugs!!


  3. Oh this sounds like the perfect kind of day and I love your story of the flowers. Such precious memories.

  4. What a sweet story about gathering flowers. Wonderful to still be doing it today. Love the thrifty find.

  5. It definitely is Fall when the farm markets are overflowing with apples and pumpkins. Drove by a few today and I was dying to go in! Love your gathering flower story....sweet memories!

  6. I just love your story of picking flowers for your Grandma. That is so sweet. Isn't it funny how these memories can come flooding back and just fill your heart with the warmth of sweet memories all over again?


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