I’m on Vacation!

Hi everyone!
Troy and I took a week off to head to our family cabin. A getaway from the “real” world for a little while.
And it really does feel like we are far removed from the everyday world. Which to me, is the perfect vacation!
My parents are up here as well as my oldest nephew. Spending time with them away from the worries of home is just priceless to me.
My nephew asked if I would stay another week. He knew Uncle Troy had to get back for farmer’s markets. I told him I have a few commitments as well. My parents said it would be no problem for them if I decided to stay another week and come home with them.
Troy agreed with them and he said he could take care of the couple of things that I had on my plate that were time sensitive.
But, I felt bad because Troy had to go back home by himself. We haven’t been apart more than two days in over 10 years! It just felt wrong.
But, Troy and I talked and he convinced me I should stay. He knows that when I get back I have a lot of things I need to tackle. A few new ventures I am delving into. IMG_8901
So, I am taking another week and just relaxing. no commitments, no deadlines and no worries. Okay, knowing me I will worry about Troy but, I will try to keep it to a minimum.
I hope you all are doing well and having a great day! Thank you for stopping by!


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