All Work and No Play…

….Makes for a dull cabin stay!
Hi everyone!
Things always need to be done or fixed around a cabin or even at our trailer. We hadn’t been at our trailer or at the cabin since last Thanksgiving. So, every year you wonder what will need to be fixed or dealt with this year.
And sure enough, when we hooked up the water, the bathroom floor flooded. Troy discovered a valve broke during the freezing months to our toilet in the trailer. After a couple of days just trying to figure out what the problem was, Troy took the toilet apart and got the valve out and saw the crack.
He and I took a drive into the nearest town that had a RV sales and repair shop. Of course, you can’t just buy the small valve. You have to buy the entire kit. Fine, whatever, let’s just get it fixed.
And he did. Woohoo!
My dad and nephew Zack had spent that day plowing up an open field to be planted with rye. Once the tilling had been done and the toilet had been fixed it was time to play…er….I mean work!
Off to sow the rye went Troy and Zack.
Troy driving the Ranger aka June Bug and Zack in the back tossing seed.
Hard work!
Hard work indeed!
Let’s see….Troy getting to do donuts in a 4x4 ATV and Zack just being goofy sitting in the back…..yup, working hard! But someone has to do it!
After all that hard work they had to go down this secret path.
That would be Zack all exhausted from throwing all the rye seed around!
The river is calling his name…..Zack! Come on in! The water is so nice! (yes, that was my river voice)
Tip toeing ever so carefully into the river.
Come on Zack! Ya gotta bite the bullet and just plunge into the river!
Whoa! That river is freezing!
“Who me? Oh no no no…I am just going to stand on the bank and take pretty pictures Zack”. Just look at the lovely logs in the river…
And look over here, what a pretty tree! No Zack! Oh No you don’t!
Yup, he came up very close to where I was standing, minding my own business taking lovely nature photos and did a big honkin belly flop! Shoes, socks and shorts are now soaked thank you very much!
Apparently the only way to dry out is get back into the June Bug and fly up this hill just to fly down the other side which is much steeper and nothing but big rocks and sand!
Strap in! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!
Oh boy, here we go!
See the little ledge right here at the bottom of the left side? Over that ledge is a straight drop down and we don’t stop until way past this picture frame!
Apparently it is all about playing hard after working hard!
Okay, I’ll meet all of you at the bottom in one piece….I hope!!


  1. Ha! I loved going along on your adventure Diann! What a lovely "vacation" you had :-)

  2. You're definitely in your element. Looks like some fun was to be had there. LOVE nature.

  3. What a blessing to have this home away from home even if it entails a little work. It looks like you have a wonder vacation and great memories !

  4. I'm not sure where your little trailer is, but it surely is a beautiful area! And that river, not so sure it was deep enough for a belly flop, hope he's okay :) Enjoy! Blessings, Cindy

  5. Love your pics. I don't have a cabin or RV, but I feel your pain of having to always fix things. With us, it is me, or the house! Hope you get to relax.


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