Making Seasonal Wreaths the Thrifty Way!

Hi everyone!

I want to work on getting a new wreath made for our front door. I like to change it out once September hits.

September to me means harvest time for many fruits and veggies. Of course apples come to mind first. However, as a farmer in Michigan, I can tell you a lot of us will be harvesting our veggies that normally would have been ready to pick last month or earlier this month. It has been a weird year for farming. We had snow in May and have had a mild summer. The nights have been much cooler than normal so the vegetables have not ripen as quickly.

September also means back to school. It really doesn’t matter if you have a child returning to school, it’s just ingrained in our minds since we were children that it is time to go back to school. Don’t you still feel that way? I do!.

Although I might be thinking in terms of Fall and Halloween as far as crafting and decorating, I have no desire to rush any of my days away. Each month should be enjoyed and savored. Time goes by way too fast anyway!

Make Seasonal Wreaths at TTG

As a thrifter, my brain is always thinking heading. I am always on the look out for great prices on “not in season” items. I don’t want to spend full retail price at a craft store to make a seasonal wreath. For the price of just buying the wreath base I can thrift ahead of time and make several complete wreaths!


One very important thing to do when thrifting is to think beyond what you see! Look at an item and see it’s future potential not what it looks like at this moment.


Look past the flaws, and think of how pretty it will be.

I found three sad looking grapevine wreaths recently at a thrift store. I didn’t see anything but a great price on grapevine wreaths for upcoming makeovers. And at two large wreaths for .80 cents each and a smaller one one for .60 cents, they were perfect!


I rarely pass up mystery bags of florals and greenery! This bag was .90 cents. No idea what it really contained except for an idea of a lot of greenery.





Besides misc, flowers and a few small vines, the bag included 3 full vine garlands and a leaf bush. Not a bad haul for 90 cents!

Make Seasonal Wreaths at TTG

So, check out the thrift stores for wreath making supplies and know that you can strip them to the bare bones and remake them into something beautiful for very little money.

To get some wreath making inspiration, check out my wreath board on Pinterest!

Wreaths/door hangings

I am going to go and play and create a new wreath for September using my new treasures!  I will be back to share it with you all!

Oh, and as a side note regarding wreath making, you may want to head to your local dollar store to snatch up a couple of pool noodles while they still have them. They make wonderful wreath bases!

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  1. Diane you always have such wonderful ideas. I would never have thought to use a pool noodle as a wreath form.

  2. You find the best grab bags of floral's! My front door isn't sheltered at all so I hesitate to put much on my door. Love to see what you do!

  3. That's what I used to do look for bargains and adapt the items for latter use. Your wreathes are going to look great, I'm sure.

  4. pool brain just would have never thought of that one! brilliant my girl.

  5. Love your ideas and a noodle???? WOW! Love it! My kind of gal. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Diann what great finds. Love grapevine wreaths. It's so funny I'm getting things finished and I will be posting in days. I'll have to start focusing on fall, LOL. Time flies.


  7. Great ideas, as always, Diann! I will be looking for bags of greens from now on.
    Have a wonderful week.


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