A Beautiful FREE Flower Bed

Hi everyone!

I love flowers! But, since our business is herbs and this year, having farm land, it has expanded into veggies as well, flowers kind of get put on the back burner. We have to focus all of our time on the things that create income for us.

I still want beautiful flowers around my home. In order to do that, they must take no effort on my part or cost anything. Tall order huh?!

How to build a free flower bed

It really is not as difficult as it sounds!

I have shared my free perennial bed with you in the past. You can see what is growing in this bed here, herehere, here, and  here

The Thrifty Groove

This flower bed is so insanely full that we have to and I do mean HAVE to thin it this Fall! But, it is gorgeous!

All of the plants in this flower bed were freebies. A cutting from this person, plants from plant exchanges and even a crushed bulb I found on the ground.

One of the things to keep in mind, is we live in a townhouse. We have no outside water source. Yup, that’s right, no water hose or spigot outside! So, if we have to water, it is taking pitchers from our kitchen out to the plants. Not a favorite chore of mine! So, we plant low maintenance things.

For this reason, I try not to do hanging baskets or planters. The only planters I like to use are big ones that can retain water better than small ones.

I just don’t like to haul water out. And so, I don’t! All of my beds, both flower and herbs only get water when it rains. And we haven’t had a lot of rain this year in our little town. It can be pouring rain less than a mile from our house and not touch us. It has to do with the fact that we live next to a Great Lake and when the storm gets close to us, it simple whooshes over and out across the lake.

This year we received a baby peony. I love peonies and have always wanted one. We also had a couple of lilies and some some rose plants that were given to us and needed to get planted. We had no room in our flower bed (above) so, we created a new bed.

starting flower bed

Not a real attractive area. This is on the side of the building and right next to the ugly AC unit. It needed some pretty-ing up anyway!

The wood came from a pile we got off Craigslist for free. The bricks on the side came from my parents. And the soil we added was from our compost bin mixed with soil from the greenhouse, also free.The white wash tub in the corner (which we planted the mini roses in) was a dumpster dive find.

You can see that the two lilies went in first.


Next the little peony. Then we found a seed package that was just labeled “miscellaneous wildflowers”. We had the pack for several years from a gardening class we attended. We had no idea what, if anything would grow but, we sprinkled the pack over the rest of the soil and waited!

The Thrifty Groove

This is what it looks like today! Just beautiful! no weeding or watering has happened in the flower bed.

The Thrifty Groove

Calendula and marigolds.

The thrifty Groove

Black Eye Susans

The Thrifty Groove

I don’t even know what these are. We have them in this pretty blue-ish purple and in a pale pink.

The Thrifty Groove

The Thrifty Groove

These beautiful little zinnias are just stunning in every imaginable color! And they just keep producing!

There are so many lovely flowers growing in here and there are tons of blooms that have not blossomed yet.

All of this stunning beauty from an old pack of seeds! No watering, no weeding and no chemicals added!

I have had several neighbors stop by and ask where I bought my flowers and what I have had to do to get them to look this lush. Imagine their surprise when I tell them the truth. LOL

How about you? Do you gather freebie flowers? How are your flowers doing this year?

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful and happy day!


  1. I love flowers, too. The watering thing would be a pain, but you have managed to make the beds look lovely.

  2. Oh, I never knew how much I need zinnia's in my life. They are stunning!

  3. Your flower bed is amazing! question....you wouldn't happen to have a rain gutter nearby would you? like within 10 feet of that flower bed? You could always put a rain barrel at the end of the gutter and let rain water fill it up. Place a small hose on the spigot at the bottom of the rain barrel and taa daa your days of watering with vases is over...just a thought from a fellow gardener who'd prefer to stop dragging hoses everywhere....LOL

  4. Christine, we aren't allowed to have a rain barrel system here (we tried and were shut down) but, we do have a rain gutter and have it redirected to one of our flower beds. We plan to implement a whole rain catchment system on our farm land next year even though our water is free (from the river). We just really enjoy doing things like this and teaching others how to do it for themselves.

  5. It's so pretty. My grandma used to garden and I used to help a bit. Recently we live in a house with spacious yard. I've been wanting to try garden but I don't even know the first place to start. You make it seem so easy, I need your gardening knowledge and green thumb.

  6. Isn't it funny how the simplest of things turn into the most beautiful - and free to boot. Love your flower garden.

  7. Diane you have a beautiful garden. My hubbie is the Gardner at our house

  8. LOVED all your flowers. That is quite a bargain. ENJOY!

  9. You are an inspiration! You have great soil so that helps also I must say! Next year I'm going to finally plant some flowers at my new home! Love those Zinnias!

  10. I love freebies, or almost free. I always check the as I call it Lazarus cart at the market to see what they have. Always a surprise when they bloom! Cuttings, donations from neighbors, are the best! Enjoy yours!


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