My Talented Mom

Hi everyone!

Yup, I am bragging today! It’s all about the amazing and gifted woman I have the pleasure of calling Mom!

With out a doubt, my mom has always been the influence for my creativity. She is and has always been the most creative and talented woman I have ever known.

My mom has always been an artist. From an early age you could find her with her sketch book and drawing some wildlife scene. that has never changed.

Her wildlife paintings have been in galleries and she has sold many of them. She could have been a full time artist for a well known magazine had she not decided to be a wife and a mother first.

Besides creating amazing wildlife paintings, she has always liked to “play” in almost every medium of art that I can think of.

When I was a little girl, she would just decide one day that I should be living in a magical garden. So, my bedroom would be transformed. She would go in and freehand murals on my walls.  I also had the world of Disney painting on my walls at one time. You just never knew what or where she would get inspired.

I called her a couple of weeks ago and asked what she was doing and her response was, “Painting bricks”. Okay, of course you are. Well, I dropped last week and saw what she was talking about.

She had went to Home Depot and picked up some patio pavers.


And she decided to turn them into baskets of flowers for the yard.

painted patio pavers 2

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

How cute!!

page brick

unnamed (11)

Needless to say, I put a request in for about 25 of these to be painted for next Spring to sell at the Farmer’s Markets. LOL

painted patio pavers

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  1. Oh my word, this is totally amazing. I can't even imagine this kind of creativity. Wow, what a talent.

  2. Those are awesome! Very pretty. :)

  3. Those are so sweet what a great idea! you do need to sell those

  4. OMG! I totally want one! And to have it be a Thrifty Groove's mom original would be icing on the cake! I wonder what the shipping cost would be because I'm serious!!

  5. Oh my! She is indeed an artist! They are beautiful! How sweet! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Those are so pretty! What a smart Mom you have!!!,

  7. Wow!! It's not just my eyes that are green today, those blocks are wonderful!! Thanks for sharing them and your Mom's extraordinary talent with us.


  8. Those are amazing. How on earth did she ever think of doing that? They look gorgeous.

  9. These are so cute! How talented your Mom is and I can see where you got your creativity!!

  10. Wow! She really is very talented. Amazing!....Christine

  11. These are so cute. Your Mom is quite talented. Love them.

  12. These are charming!!!

  13. Hi Diann, Those are incredible. Your mother truly is an extremely talented artist. Oh my GOSH. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I think you will definitely be able to sell those at any time, any place. Susan

  14. Omg! They're so cute and creative. I understand why you want to brag about your mom she's talented.

  15. Very nice. I am sure they would be snapped up quick at the Farmers Market.

  16. What a sweet daughter you are! You do have a very talented mother! Beautiful! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  17. These are so creative! Your Mom is very very talented.
    Blessings, Joanne


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