Bacon and Tomato Melt

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It’s getting to be tomato season around here! Woohoo! Without a doubt, fresh sun ripened straight from your garden tomatoes are one of my top 10 favorite things!

Tomatoes are generally incorporated into every dinner during the season. One of my favorite thrifty meals is a Bacon and Tomato Melt.

The Thrifty Groove Recipe


Crusty bread

Fresh tomatoes

Cooked bacon

Sour Cream


cheese (your choice)

Salt & Pepper

Sliced onions (optional)

The Thrifty Groove Recipe

I refer to this meal as thrifty because for me it is. I try to stock up on bacon when I see a very good sale or when I find it in the reduced area at the grocery store (when I get lucky enough to find it reduced, I try to take the time to fry it up and then freeze in smaller batches). The very best bread for melts is the day old markdown loaves. I usually buy several of the different markdown crusty breads like Italian or a French bread and through them in the freezer. Then pull them out when I want to make melts for dinner. I also stock up on cheese when it is on sale. I am a cheese freak. I haven’t met a cheese I didn’t like!

I make melts according to what I have on hand and at this time of the year, I have the blessing of lots of fresh produce! Whether it be grown by me or grown by a local farmer that we trade with, I always have an abundance of fresh veggies.

Oh, how I love this time of the year!!

The Thrifty Groove Recipe

Nothing fancy. This is a quick meal so, it really is a favorite of ours throughout our busy season.

So, let’s make a Bacon and Tomato Melt!

Heat your oven to 375 degrees.

Grab a cookie sheet and some aluminum foil or parchment paper and cover the cookie sheet.

Slice your bread and place on cookie sheet

In a small bowl combine equal parts sour cream and mayo. I can’t give you exact measurements because I just kind of eyeball how much I think it will take to spread on all of the bread. this combination, once cooked, almost has a rich farmer’s cheese taste to it. So good!

And then do just that, spread on the bread.

Place cooked bacon strips down (as much as you like)

Layer with thin sliced onions (optional)

And then place tomato slices on top.

Add sliced or shredded cheese of your choice on top of tomatoes.

I sprinkle our herbed salt on top (which, honestly, is my absolute favorite seasoning anymore. I keep a large container at my stove at all times. And I would be buying this even if it wasn’t one of our DTL Herb products! It’s just that perfect!) If you don’t have our herbed salt, use pepper and salt and if you want a few shakes of your favorite herbs.

Place cookie sheet with melts into the oven.

Give it about 20 minutes. Ovens vary so, check after about 15 minutes.

Once the cheese has melted and you have a bit of brown toasty goodness happening to the bread, they are ready!

Bacon and Tomato Melts

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  1. On my! These look so tasty! I pinned this recipe and will try it soon. It is similar to a recipe I make called tomato pie. I wanted to let you know I received the Purex Crystals coupon a few weeks ago and have been using them. I love how they make my laundry smell. I will most definitely be buying them from now on. Thank you so much! Have a blessed day.

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. Oh my goodness, Diann. These look lush. You are sooooo good at thrify meals. Yummy. Susan

  3. These look so good!!! Now I'm really hungry!


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