Thrifty Container Gardening

Hi everyone!

It can get quite expensive buying different planters and containers for your flowers, veggies or herbs. I decided to check out the Dollar Tree and see what I could come up with!

container garden1

What I found were these wonderful trash cans in vivid fun colors! They even have handles for easy moving!


I was going to buy all red ones but, I came up two short on my first trip to a Dollar Tree store. As a matter of fact, I bought that store out on these trash cans.


Flip the can over and drill a few holes for drainage (thank you hubby!). Be careful and take your time doing this because these are plastic and will crack.


Fill with soil and plant your plants in them.


I wanted mine to be Italian planters (to sell). I used a Roma tomato plant, a sweet basil and a purple basil.


I made up 15 of them back in March and they sold quickly by the second week of May! So, I have since made up 35 more Italian planters and 15 salad planters.

container garden 2

Each time I made a new set of them, I would tell Troy that when we get down to just one, I want to keep it for myself. So, far that has not happened. LOL

contianer garden 3

Instead, I just keep making more!

container garden

Next time you think about potting a plant in some sort of container, check out the dollar store!

container garden1

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  1. Love these. I would enjoy making one myself!

  2. Those look marvelous. you'd never know they're not planters. The red is the perfect color too.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love the Dollar Tree and I too have used some of the gardening containers from there! Can't beat the price! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. These are a great idea. We have used things like the metal French flower buckets. We just drilled holes in the bottom. What ever is on hand we have used many times.


  5. Very cute containers! Love this idea. ;)

  6. I think these are just the cutest!!! I was wondering how much you were asking for your container gardens?

    1. Terri, we sold them last year for about $15.00 each. They sold really fast! This year we are taking a break from the Farmer's Markets.So, I didn't make any.

  7. These are great, but I wonder, are the buckets BPA free and, if not, would the heat from the sun cause leaching of any contaminants into the soil/food?

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