Shades of Orange & Blue Table

Hi everyone!

As I am slowly, and I do mean s-l-o-w-l-y going through and purging dishes and tableware, I find different pieces that really don’t match anything else. But, for whatever reason, they appealed to me and I thought they were pretty. So, sometimes you just have to mix it up!

shades of orange and blue

I found these pretty vintage plates quite awhile ago at an auction. They were part of a large box of mixed tableware. I really liked the colors and the design. And let’s face it, I just love old dishes!



As I was putting this table together it really felt like a Fall table to me because of the tones of the oranges. And then when I through in the copper creamer/sugar set it really felt Fallish. I generally only bring out copper in in the Autumn months. Oh well, I am being a total tablescaping rebel today!


Yup, definitely a Fall-like table….copper, amber glass pitcher, light orange stemware, a golden shade goblet…..



With the exception of the white Johnson Bros ironstone bread plate, all the other dishes in this stack have been donated. The bread plate is part of our everyday dishware.


See that cute little white china pear dish. I have a set of four of them and each one is a different fruit shape. I love these little dishes for teabags or dipping sauces or butter pats. I have a good size collection of little dishes this size. I am slowly culling them out. Oh, it is not easy!

mixin it up

So there ya have it….total mixed up blue and orange thrift style dining! LOL

With the exception of the silverware, linens, copper set, white bread plates and the pitcher, everything else has been donated. I feel like I am doing some odd game show Tableware Elimination and this is like “Round 23”. LOL

My tablescaping and purging time is at a minimum at this time of the year. Just too much other things happening that have to be dealt with and done. So, whenever I do get a spare moment or two, I work at chipping away at my tableware de-cluttering.

How about you? Are you slowly working on decluttering any areas in your life?

Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful day!


  1. I love you for being a rebel and using what is considered fall colors for a late spring table Diann! Yes, I donated a few boxes of my beloved dishes a few weeks ago. And you know what? It is now so much easier to find the ones I dearly love! Thank you for being my mentor/ inspiration! Have an awesome weekend buddy!!

  2. LOVE the tablescape. That orange just pops. Looks lovely with the blue.

  3. Your table is sweet. I am purging too............very slowly....


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