Organizing Baking Supplies ~ Simplify Your Life

Hi everyone!

One of the things that I really have been trying to accomplish in my home is simplifying everyday things as much as possible.


One of those areas is my baking supply shelf. I try to keep this shelf full and at the ready. I watch for good sales and a coupons (still my favorite coupon site is that go hand in hand. I would rather stock up when I can get things at a great price than running to the grocery store at the last minute to buy what I need.

But, that also means keeping things organized. My baking supply area recently went insane. You know what I am talking about, when you open the cabinet door and things just start jumping out at you of their own free will! Or you see the item you need which is buried under a ton of other stuff and you gentle try to coax it out and a great avalanche of other things start falling out! All you can do is jump out the way or end up in the ER with a broken toe from the can of cherry pie filling!

So, first things first. I emptied out my shelf.


Oh, that looks so nice! Can we just forget all the rest and keep it empty? I guess not.


I suppose just leaving all  this stuff in a box on the dining room table is out of the question. Bummer!


I went out and bought clear lidded containers. These can make your life so much more organized and simplified! But, they must be clear so you can see what is inside of them.

Try to group like things together in each container and when you place your containers into the shelf area make sure you have a good representation of what is in the box facing out.


This particular shelf consisted of a box for puddings, a box for Jello’s,  a box filled with nuts and a box filled with dried fruits.

What is wonderful about using this method of organizing is it is supper easy to get to things, it keeps everything together and you can see at a glance what you are running low on and what needs to be stocked up. And the best part is this is really easy to maintain! The hubby even is happy with this system. He can now just pull out the right container and get what he needs.

You all know by know that I am as thrifty as possible. I work hard at building a good pantry. the only way to do that for me is to watch sales, print coupons to coordinate with those sales and take advantage of the opportunity by purchasing as much of that items that I can afford at the time. Sometimes it may only be one or two items but, that is okay. Every bit helps!

Here is an example of a good sales & coupon shopping trip that I did several years ago.

kroger mega sale 004

All of this after sales and coupons came out to a grand total of $29.74! Not bad! You can read this old post for more details by clicking the picture above.

When you shop by this method of stocking up, one of the most important keys to success is organization! If you can’t easily get to or know what you have, what’s the point? There isn’t any.

So, start by taking one little step and try the method I shared on this post to organize all those little boxes and bags of things that don’t necessarily “stack and stayed stacked” easily.

Are you ready to start taking advantage of sales and coupons to build a pantry to help your family save money? And do you have any tips or ideas how to organize and simplify a pantry? I would love to hear them!

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  1. I totally need to get my kitchen's baking supplies under control -- my "baking cabinet" is way too full! I might just have to start doing some baking to solve the problem! I don't think my kids will mind!

  2. Smart and simple! I need to do this with my baking cabinet, it is full to overflowing, almost dangerously so!

  3. Great tips Diann! (have to ask, did you break a toe from a can of cherry pie filling????)

  4. Great job girlfriend!!! What a haul for just $22.00 and I love having box mixes in the house. So much you can do with them!!


  5. I love to be organized as well. The top of my pantry is loaded with bins of baking things. I like that you used the plastic shoe boxes. Things probably stay fresher longer. Thanks for the post.

  6. Perfect timing! I made 40 loaves of bread and 350 cookies as take homes for gsons Communion Sat. The flour was flying! I buy the large size flour, sugar, choc chips, etc from the clubs as it is so much cheaper. I could put all the little boxes of pudding in the shoe bins though, they are always getting lost!


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