A Nosh of Cheese and Crackers

Hi everyone!

Now that the daylight hours are getting longer, we find ourselves not getting home until much later than in the winter days. When your life is centered around farming, this time of the year finds us at the farm weeding, planting, watering and fixing things until we lose daylight. So dinner time often is around 9:00 in the evening.


Generally we have a late lunch and we are trying to make that meal our larger meal of the day. So the evening meal can often be something as simple as some cheese, crackers and fruit or fresh veggies.


Back in the winter I found this set of cheese and cracker dishes and serving platter. I thought they were fun and could make a dinner of simple cheese and fruit a little more special.


Don’t ask why I chose the little cute pig napkin rings. I just think they are cute and they made me smile.


Once we get cleaned up, wash all the dirt off and our muscles start to relax from the hot shower, a glass of wine is a nice treat to go along with our light meal.


As you can see, we aren’t having any specialty cheese. No fancy crackers or fruit. Just simple food for a simple meal.

yard sale pic

The evening meal is just Troy and I but, I still like to make it special. I maybe totally sore and exhausted from a hard day of farming but, having a fun set like these dishes at the ready looks like I took the extra time to go a little above and beyond everyday.


It took no more time to snatch these dishes than if would have our regular every day dishes. We use cloth napkins everyday so they too are ready to grab.

This 5 piece cheese and cracker set cost me a whopping $2.49 at the thrift store. The napkins I have had for ages (bought clearanced) and the little piggy napkin rings were also bought years ago at a thrift store.


Remember it takes very little cost and effort to create a simple light meal and present it in a way that will look like you took the extra time and thought. And really, who is more deserving of a pretty and fun table setting than you and your spouse? Don’t tuck away fun dishes like this. Use them daily for your family!

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  1. Cute plates and a wonderful thrifty price! I think I need a glass of wine myself tonight!

  2. Diane those little pig napkin rings are adorable. You chose well.

  3. Cheese, crackers and wine sound like a good supper to me, Diann. Yummy. Susan

  4. LOOKS delicious. It's all about presentation.

  5. Love your cheese and cracker dishes and what a great find! The pig napkin holders are so cute...I have some piggie ones but they are just white. Nice to set a table for a more simple dinner...love it!
    Miss Bloomers

  6. I love how you are presenting the food for you and Troy. You are so right, who deserves such a nice setting more than you and your spouse. This looks elegant but is actually simple to do. Thanks for sharing this. xx Dianne


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