Thrifty Things Friday #156

Hi everyone!

Linda and I are happy you have joined us today for this week’s TTF party!

I want to take a moment to say that we have been remiss in visiting a lot of you. Linda has been in Texas trying to get her mom ready to move to Georgia and I am in full swing of getting our herbs planted and dealt with and setting up a new Farmer’s Market. Life has been crazy!

TTF CoHost 1

I have to tell you right up front, today’s thrifty thing is not a pretty item except to my wallet!!

unnamed (10)

Yes, it’s lumber!

Troy and I are major stalkers watchers of our local Craigslist freebie section. We have gotten a lot of useful things via this resource.

This past weekend there was a listing for free lumber if you come and haul it away.

unnamed (9)

The person who listed it had bought all this last year to do an addition to his home and then changed his mind. Half of the wood is treated wood and then the rest isn’t. He let it sit outside uncovered all winter so, there are some boards that are warped.

Buying lumber is not cheap and now that we have a small farm, we have a ton of projects that need to be done that involve building this and that from lumber. So, we are so excited to have gotten all of this for free!

Some of the projects that we need to build are raised beds, fencing, a large farm stand, signs, benches, shelving and…oh just a lot of other projects. And they all add up to a lot of money very quickly!

I told you, it wasn’t going to be a “pretty” share today but, that pile of wood (about 600 board feet) equals a lot of cash that we don’t have to pay out and that IS PRETTY TO ME!

Do you check out your local freebie listing on Craigslist? Or have you gotten any good bargains from Craigslist?

On to the party!


  1. Diann and Linda, Thanks so much for the party!! Happy Easter!!


  2. Lovely lovely free wood!! Slas, my daughters won't let me on Craigslist unless I have something to sell! I believe the word "hoarder" was bandied about. Sigh. What do they know??

  3. I'd say your wood is a pretty good thrifty haul and you really are saving a bundle. Thanks so much for hosting.

  4. I don't think to check Craig's List, I need to do that more often! Happy Easter, y'all

  5. Great deal and yes all that wood for free!!! AWESOME! I'll try to visit some more folks this weekend as time permits! hugs!!

  6. Hi Diann and Linda; great score on the wood. Thanks for hosting Thrifty Things Friday.

  7. Good deal on the lumber. I must admit Craigslist scares me because of all the horror stories.

  8. Thanks bunches for hosting again this week!
    Have a Very Happy Easter!

  9. Yeah ...somebody else gets excited over lumber and dont forget free bricks and blocks , lol.. if i was building a property it would look like patchwork

  10. Wow, I do check our local Craig's list, but didn't even realize there was free stuff listed, lol. Going to check that out in the future. Linking up a little late.

    Thanks Diann & Linda, and Happy Easter!

  11. Free lumber is always a good deal. Thanks for the party!


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