Tangerine Table

Hi everyone!

Sometimes when you are our thrifting, your eye catches on this item or that. and generally you think to yourself, “I really don’t need that. And it doesn’t go with anything I have.” I do that all the time. But, still just have to buy them because they are pretty or fun and wonderfully priced!


That’s kind of where this tablescape came from…all those dishes that don’t quite go together.


But somehow, they do.


Hum, let’s see…..


I am such a sucker for unusual shaped dishes. I just can’t help myself!


And I couldn’t resist these when the original price tag of $14.50 each were still on them! They were marked $2.00 each at the thrift store and then 50% off. So, you can understand why my “I don’t need any more dishes” willpower went flying out the window!


And I liked the stack on the fruit motif dinner plates!


The sunshine yellow print napkins felt right. And I love the little multicolored square metal napkin rings.


Simple and easy


Fresh tangerines smell so amazing!


Add new and vintage glassware to the mix.


I believe that things that made you smile just naturally go together. And I thought it was a good day to have a cheerful table setting!

How about you? Do you find pretty dish treasures and think they really won’t go with anything else you own but, you just can’t help from buying them anyway?

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  1. Your table full of things that don't "go together" loks just perfectly put together. I really love the colors of all the dishes and the plates are amazing! I think I would have bought them too, Love it all...:) Have a blessed weekend!


  2. I love to mix and match and you did a lovely job with those awesome salad plates from Falzgraff ! You have brought the colors and patterns in such a hamony that it looks gorgeous!

  3. Those are really cute salad plates...bet you are happy you picked them up. I can almost smell the tangerines from here!
    Have a great week, Diann.

  4. So colorful and cheering. Love the color.

  5. A LOVELY tablescape. Love the mix and no match plates.

  6. What a wonderful table. I'm a sucker for unusual shaped plates also! I really like those and that was a bargain for sure. Tangerines and your table are just right on this sunny day!
    hugs, LInda

  7. Love your tablescape and mixing and matching is my game! The colors are adorable together. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. For years I have been buying pretty dishes at thrift stores and garage sales. The unusual shaped ones are my favorites. I just bought a set of Mikasa Imari Bouquet at Goodwill. Pretty, pretty! But I have to curtail this urge to buy because I have run out of anyplace to store it all.

  9. I love your place settings. I have a weakness for all things glass at the thrift store too. I hadn't thought of mixing and matching, but you did a great job :)


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