Thrifty Things Friday #152

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Wow, today is the first day of Spring! Woohoo!
With Spring in mind and all of the Spring Cleaning being done out there, I thought I would share a couple of easy and thrifty cleaning tips.
I know many of you out there are cleaning fiends! It is your way of de-stressing. I wish I had that gene! LOL Some days I get the cleaning bug and I go crazy shining and sparkling everything up. But, that only hits me once in a blue moon.
Here are a couple of my super easy and thrifty tips for the shower/bath tub area.
Warning: Real life pictures ahead! No pretty magazine worthy photos here today!! Smile
I’m all about Preventive cleaning! In other words, make cleaning as easy as possible.
I have one of those plastic corner shelving things in the bathtub. you know the ones to hold all your shampoo and stuff. On the bottom shelf I keep an old shower nylon scrubby and any type of shampoo, bath gel or bubble bath that I get that I don’t like for whatever reason. Don’t we all get those lovely gift sets with different products like this?
The last thing I do before I get out of the shower is grab that cleaning scrubby and put some soap on it and clean one wall. or some area in the shower. I used to have the handheld shower head and it was simple to just spray the soap of the wall now, I use a cup I keep on this shelf to rinse the wall or area of soap.
I find using up these products this way helps so that cleaning the tub and shower walls don’t become a big major cleaning project. Do a little at a time.
These plastic shelving units get real gunky real fast! It’s just the reality that soap will drip and gunk up. Welcome to the real world! And when you go to scrub it what happens? It seems to take forever to get the soap off because it keeps sudsing up. So, on these shelves I keep a washcloth folding. Every week or two, I snatch them off and throw them in the wash. NO SCRUBBING!! Woot!
I know, simple right? I like simple!
Now this tip is a “use what you have” tip.
For all my scrubbing pads, Mr. Erasers and dish clothes, I use a pretty vintage art deco amber glass compote dish. It keeps all these things neatly in one dish by my kitchen sink and no more messes gathering on the sink itself. I can just pop this dish in the dishwasher when it needs cleaned or just rinse it by hand. Now all that water and soap residue doesn’t gunk up around the sink and into the edges so I don’t have to keep scrubbing this area.
IMG_8172 I use the different pretty dishes I find thrifting as my soap dishes in each bathroom (Do you like how I put a brand new bar of soap in it for this picture? LOL I thought I would save you from seeing the used stub that is really in this dish!) . It keeps the soap mess clean and why find these pretty little gems and not use them?
Okay, now my last cleaning tip is more of a “Saw it, Tried it and it Failed” thing.
I’m sure a lot of you have heard that when you have a pan with burnt on food put some aluminum foil in it with hot water and the foil will help loosen up the the burnt food. I even have this tip pinned on Pinterest, well not for long! It did absolutely nothing! So, forget and ignore this internet myth when you see it!
I’m starting to feel like an “Internet Mythbuster!” LOL
We are looking forward to seeing what you have to share today!
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  1. Speaking of busting the Pinterest myths....have you heard the one about soaking your dried paint brushes in vinegar?
    Mine were dry....I did one of those lay the brush on something out of the way while you do something and then clean up and completely forget to clean the brush. My favorite too. So, I was really hoping it would work. We even cooked the brush in hot vinegar water. Nothing...not. one. thing. Stiff as a board.

    Hope your weekend is Extraordinary!!

  2. I love pretty dishes for soap bars in the guest bathroom too. Thank you so much for the tip on cleaning burnt food on pans! Thank you so much for the great party. Happy Spring to you!

  3. The shower is my least favorite to clean! thanks for the awesome tips Diann! and, thank you and Linda for hosting!

  4. Some great ideas, Diann--I esp. like the one about using soap you don't like, and working on one part of the shower at a time. Also love the Pinterest board. I just became a follower :) Take care!

  5. I also keep an old scrubby in my shower and wash the walls down before I get out - so much easier than trying to do it all on another day... thank you for hosting, have a lovely weekend.. Cathy

  6. Thanks for the great tips; and thanks so much for hosting! Happy Spring!

  7. There was a blog that tried Pinterest tips and recipes and rated them. I haven't seen her lately.
    Thanks for hosting Diann!

  8. love the tip with using the washcloth. it's like one of those "duh" moments!

  9. Thanks so much for the party ladies and have a nice weekend!

  10. LOL, I loved your real life photos warning. Thanks for the great tips and for hosting another great party.

  11. Ironically I was back at the thrift store picking up craft items and was also looking at soap holders the boys make a mess in the bathroom thanks for the tips and the lovely party have a great weekend

  12. I agree, a job (especially not fun ones) done in little bits makes them easier to finish (especially showers).


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