The Princess

The princess will not be returning home. We got final word from the Michigan Supreme Court that they will not listen to the case.

We have spent almost two years in hell, multiple courts, emotional pain, mental pain, physical pain and financial pain.

Not one single time in any of the courts did any of the judges actually take the child into consideration. It was always this or than reasoning but, never once mentioning the best interest of the child. She was never a concern for anyone except us.

I have absolutely NO faith in any type of legal or judicial system in this country. It is all about power, politics and greed.

We pray with all of our hearts that the princess will find happiness and love. That she will be safe and secure.

I know so many of you have been asking about her and have been praying for her. We appreciate that so much. It has been extremely painful to talk about.

I am not going to elaborate any more regarding the situation.  Troy and I and my family and friends need to figure out how to find the strength to continue on with life.

We will always love her and pray for her. We will continue to try to talk to her via phone. And hopefully at some point be able to visit her. She will always have a home with us.

We love you sweetheart more than words can ever say!!

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