Shamrock Table

Hi everyone!


St. Patrick’s Day is Monday so, I had to do at least a nod at a St. Paddy’s Day tablescape!

I didn’t really do much decorating this year for St. Patrick’s Day. I usually have a green and white wreath on the door and a few vignettes set up with a wee bit of the Irish. I even have some cute shamrock plates but, never dug them out this year. I guess it has just been a a busy time around here lately.


But, I did do a green and white table starring my Shamrock plant. I have had this plant for about five years. It is nestled in an old Ironstone tureen.


I picked up these pretty ironstone rooster dishes years ago at a fun little antique shop. I miss not going to this particular little store, it was close to a place that we used to camp on a regular basis.


The store was this long narrow building. In the front was all the gorgeous expensive antique dishes and accessories. Then you would walk through a door to another section and that would be where the antiques that were a step down in price. Then you would walk through another door into a specialty room. Still generally out of my price range. Finally in the very back would be the thrift store area. And off to one side there was a walk in closet room (this building at one time was a home) and in this room was stacks and stacks and boxes and crates filled with odds and ends dishes. All super cheap. A lot were just one of this design, one of that or chipped dishes. Basically no whole sets and some minor damage to the dishes. Well, that is where I found these. I just sat on the floor and started going through all the boxes. I love to unearth little treasures! I found 3 dinner plates and two salad plates. At a dime a dish, I was thrilled to take these home!


The stack starts out with a dark green plain dinner plate from the Dollar Tree. Then one of the rooster ironstone plates followed by a mossy green salad plate (bought at Kroger a few years ago for .50 cents) and then top with another of the ironstone rooster dishes. So, the 4 stack cost $1.70.


The glasses are our everyday glasses. The on the rocks glass was from a set of 4 I bought at a thrift store for $1.00. And the darker bubble glass was bought years ago at CTS at a marked down price of .50 cents each. So both of the settings dishes and glassware came out to a whopping $4.90!


Did you do any decorating around the house for St. Patrick’s Day?

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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  1. Diann, this is my kind of table...lots of green and roosters! Love it.

  2. I'm in love with your rooster plates! What a bargain you got! I love being able to set an entire table for less than $10! That room in the antique store sounds similar to a place I found my English briar dishes...found the rest of a set at Goodwill. Love when that happens! Your table is just beautiful! Miss Bloomers

  3. LOVELY tablescape. Like the green & white dishes.

  4. Diann this is a charming St Pat's table. Love the Rooster plates, I had some at one time but I think they have been rethrifted. I'm in a bit of a blogging slump but hope to take some photos today of my touches of green for St Pats day.
    hugs, Linda

  5. Looks lovely! I haven't decorated for St. Patrick's day, but do have lots of green sitting around. Does that count? :)

  6. Well done! So cheerful, and all done on a budget :).

    Thanks for linking up Diann!

  7. Love it all and love the BUDGET! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. Diann, your plates are really pretty and perfect for St. Pat's. The white placemats are nice. I rarely see any white ones.

  9. Love your rooster plates! I'm green with envy over a dime a dish :)

  10. The rooster plates are great! I certainly understand about life getting busy, and you still managed to put a lovely table together.

  11. I love your table! Those dishes are supercute. Visiting from Cuisine Kathleen. xo

  12. If you hadn't told us that you didn't put in a "full" effort in your St. Pat's décor, I'd never have known! Your table looks wonderful and the dishes are perfect for the occasion. Visiting from CK's Blog Crawl.


  13. Great table! I love searching for goodies and you did wonderful putting it all together!

  14. Great table, I also love searching for goodies and you did so wonderful putting it all together.

  15. Did you say thrifty well you are the Queen of thrift with this tablescape! It is definitely green with a twist. I love your rooster plates and the green color is perfect for St. Paddy's Day! I have done the same thing and sat on the floor and gone through china to find a the best ones from a set! Have a wonderful March 17th!


  16. Your rooster dishes are the best. What a deal! Happy St. Pat's Day!

  17. Beautiful table. Love your centerpiece.

  18. Some years ago a friend gave me a shamrock plant. I can't tell you the times I've thought it gone because of heat or cold, but it always keeps coming back and is such a gift. Good finds on your table.

  19. Loving your shamrock table! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  20. I love your shamrock plant! Mine lived for years until this year when my senior cat decided tat eating it was what she was put on the earth to do.... Lovely dishes! That antique store sounds like my kind of place!!

  21. Great find.......super dishes.......pretty table........... I am a rooster girl also.


  22. I love the rooster plates! You are really a thrifty shopper, ten cents each!!! Incredible!


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