Hi everyone!

Don’t you love to see when someone shares their “Oops” moments? It always makes me feel better about all of mine. So, today I am sharing a little “what NOT to do”.


I had one of these little Dollar Tree jar candles. And had it lit in our small bathroom. Harmless right?

small jar candle

Such an innocent little thing!

rhinestone candle

I thrifted the large chunky white candle with the pretty rhinestones quite a long time ago.

silver star candlestick

I had also thrifted this silver candlestick with little glass hanging stars. The two of them were made for each other! And perfect in my purple bathroom!

One day I lit my cute little Dollar Tree candle and started cleaning the bathroom. I wanted to wipe down the surface where the little candle was lit so, I innocently sat it on top of this white candle while I wiped the space down. Then I got a phone call. I answered my phone and moved onto the next room to be cleaned.


Do you see those candle wax drips?


Yup! I forgot the jar candle was still sitting on top of this candle!


So now the jar is nicely embedded into the pretty white candle! I tried burning another candle in the glass jar thinking that would heat everything up and I could remove the jar. Didn’t work. Oh well


  1. Oh no. Well I am relieved you didn't start a fire. That is where I thought this was going.
    Try filling the glass part with really hot water.

  2. You may have started a fad, you never know!! Don't you hate it when stuff like that happens?? I'm guilty of lots of OOPS moments!! Have a nice weekend!

  3. Sad that it was such a pretty candle, why couldn't it have be a plain Jane? Please don't feel alone...we all have done an oops at some time in our life...I have done many!

  4. I have had so many OOPS moments I would take all day to count them. I think it looks like you meant to do that :)

  5. you might be able to remove it if you put it in the freezer. sounds odd but I was able to remove a candle from a glass jar doing that

  6. Well, I guess the good part is that there was no fire! Sorry about your pretty candle tho! Thanks again for the pinterest feature :) Made my day!! Blessings, Cindy

  7. Oh, no. At least there wasn't a fire. I hope you figure out a way to fix/remove it.

  8. I see someone has already mentioned this....put it in the freezer, it will pop right out! Happy Sunday!

  9. i was going to share the freezer trick too ;)

  10. Praise the Lord you was nearby~ YEP freezer trick works pretty good. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. I was thinking the freezer trick too but I guess I am a little late and it won't work. Sorry to be of absolutely no helps, LOL.



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