Thrifty Things Friday ~ #149

Hi everyone!

TTF CoHost 1

Wow, this is the last TTF for February! This month has gone by so fast! Linda and I are so happy to see you join the party today!

I just have a little thrift find to share.


I bought two of these packages of little star candles at the CTS. I thought for a quarter each they could afford to come home with me. Of course I need another candle like I need a whole in the head! LOL But, they were a QUARTER!


I also found this little “Instant Coffee” pot. It is actually a sugar bowl. the lid is shaped like a little coffee cup. It was .49 cents.


I also did a little re-thrifting this week. I started referring to purging and donating as re-thrifting about a year ago and a lot of my friends out there decided we all like the term so, it has kind of stuck. Three boxes donated. Two boxes were filled with dishes and glassware. Somebody else is going to have fun discovering these treasures!

Now let’s see what you have to share today!

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Okay, on with the party!


  1. Hi Linda and Diann. I like the term re-thrifting, think I will adopt it too. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Thank you so much for the party lovely lady! The coffee pot is adorable, I love it and I also love the star candles for quarter...I would fall for them too!
    Have a good evening,

  3. Thank you for hosting again this week. I'm so happy I have something so I can participate.

  4. I would have bought the candles too...what a steal at that price! :)

  5. Nice finds this week and I need to do some re-thrifting myself. Thank you so much for hosting... Cathy

  6. Diann, I did more re-thrifting this week also. Didn't buy anything new this week...but then I've been sick so that kept me out of the stores and that's a good thing!

  7. re-thrifting! ladies, I am loving that term.

  8. Thank you for hosting! Your re-thrifting term made me smile, because I'm waiting for the day when something I've donated shows up on the shelves of our local GW that I frequent--and I BUY IT BACK!! Sometimes a girl changes her mind....:) ~Zuni

  9. Know what to rethrift would be a dilemma. Thank you for hosting.

  10. Thanks so much for hosting and have a nice weekend ladies!

  11. Love those star can always make room! Congrats on rethrifting...more people should do the same...

  12. I love the term re-thrifting! I am going to adopt it, too. You just may have coined a new term for the dictionary! Thank you for hosting. Hugs, Dianne


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