Thrifty Things Friday #148

Hi everyone!

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Today I am sharing kind of an odd mish mash post. Just a few thrifty things that I did throughout the week.


I have spent a lot of time going through stored dishes. I am doing a major purge and downsizing all my beautiful treasures. However, there are always things that I plan to keep for later uses.  Above is a picture that I took of some items that I am keeping. I took a picture of the items and printed on the picture what was in this box. Then I printed out a small copy of this and tapped it to the box. I learned my lesson and make sure that I use much smaller boxes when I store dishes. I reuse priority boxes. This way I can manage the box easily and only pull out things that I want to use right then and there.And the boxes all stack nicer.


We have a C.O.R.N. night once a week here. CORN stands for “Clean Out Refrigerator Night”. In other words using up the leftovers. So, I created a soup/chili dinner one night. A little bit of shredded roast beef, a cup of ground hamburger, some leftover corn, a bowl of leftover chili and then I added a bit more things like beans and V8 juice. After a little seasoning, it turned out to be a yummy hearty meal. No one leftover would have made a meal for both Troy and I so, into a pot they all went.


I was all excited to set some time aside to play one day this pas weekend. I planned on recreating this old thrifted topiary tree. The first thing I did was start stripping the old nasty dried up moss off of the cone. Well, best laid plans and all that….I had a massive allergic reaction to this stuff! I started sneezing, my eyes started watering, my hands turned red and itchy and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I had to stop immediately. go upstairs take some allergy medicine and lay down. Troy dealt with all the stuff for me so, I wouldn’t have to touch the moss again. So, this project was put on hold for awhile. the dangers of crafters/thrifters!

So, those were a few of my thriftiness this week. What were you up to this past week?


  1. Love those polka dots and I'd be excited to find that pitcher. Love the idea of C O R N night. I need to adopt that!

  2. I LOVE that Johnson Bros pitcher!!! Thanks for hosting the party!

  3. That was some allergic reaction you had. Hope you are ok now. LOVE the pink polka dots.

  4. Love those polka dot plates and the pitcher too. I don't really love black and White, but in transferware it's lovely! Thank you for hosting my friend.

  5. I didn't know you have this party on Fridays, glad I found it!

    Dagmar's Home

  6. I love your polka dot plates! thanks so much to you and linda for hosting!

  7. Hi, Thanks for hosting. First time linking up.

  8. Thanks so much for hosting a party for us! ~Zuni

  9. Love your party--thanks so much to you both for hosting! Blessings, Diana

  10. I am itching to get out and find some pretty thrifty dishes this weekend

  11. Thanks for hosting the party ladies and have a nice weekend.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  12. Love the idea of the CORN soup. Thanks for hosting such a fun party.
    Audrey Z.@ Timeless Treasures

  13. wow that seems like a pretty bad reaction scrap that project on to the next one ;) thanks for hosting

  14. Thanks for featuring my Vintage Store Display Shelf on Facebook. Quite a honor.
    Audrey @ Timeless Treasures


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