Thrifty Things Friday #146

Hi everyone!

Welcome to this week’s TTF party!

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Linda and I are happy you joined us this week!

Most of you know I am somewhat of a dish freak. And I know a lot of you are as well. However, for the folks out there that don’t flock to the thrift store dish aisle every chance they get, I thought I would share a simple and thrifty Valentine’s Day table setting that doesn’t include different styles of china.

red white1

So, you don’t have any desire to pick up different floral design china dishes. And that is okay. Just stick with basics and you can create pretty holiday settings any time you want.


I don’t need to tell you the most important step to any tablescaping, white dishes…white dishes…white dishes! I know you have seen many blog posts regarding the importance of white dishes, so I won’t get into that now. But, it really is the key to be able to do many different types of tablescapes.


So, what I have here is a white cake plate as a charger. Thrifted for .49 cents. I always pick up white cake plates anytime I see them at a thrift store for under $1.00. You don’t have to have all the same design. Just keep an eye out for white cake plates. Not only do I use them as chargers in a setting but, I use them when I make any kind of baked treats that are going to someone else’s house. That way I don’t care if the plate returns to me. I figure if you keep it a simple basic white, the person who receives the treats can always use the plate for something else.


Next is solid color everyday dinner plates. I bought the set of these plain red dinner plates at Target years ago with a gift card I won at another blog. If you buy a set of solid red, green, brown (in any shade starting with tan and working deeper) and then one pastel color and use these as your everyday plates, they will also be able to cover almost every holiday you can think when mixed with white dishes.


You can see from this picture above why the white charger was only .49 cents, it has a chip in it. The white salad plates is part of a complete set of white dishes and will go with anything. The little red bowl is part of a set that I thrifted (6) for $1.29 (I also have a set of white ones) and they are part of my everyday dishes. I use small bowls like this a lot.

Think of the holidays and colors when you buy dishes…

  • Red – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day
  • Green – Christmas, St. Patrick's Day (and if it is a deep green it can be used in Fall tables)
  • Brown – any Fall tables and Thanksgiving
  • Pastels – Easter, Spring and all summer long
  • White – every day.

I didn’t mention Halloween. Black plates are great and can be mixed with white for a beautiful New Year’s Eve table. But, Halloween can also be made fun with paper products. It is a more whimsical and silly type of table in my opinion.

red white

I used an everyday white saucer, a red polka dot coffee mug (a gift from a friend), a red and white placemat (Christmas Tree Shop .69 cents everyday price), heart design stemware (Goodwill .49 cents each) and I didn’t even use a napkin for the setting. A little clearance ribbon and the “LOVE” sign both picked up at Michaels a few years ago after Valentine’s day for .50 cents each.




Playing with and adding the little embellishments is the easiest way to turn simple plain dishes into a fun and pretty table setting.

So, if you want to create fun and pretty tablescapes but really aren’t into buying tons for different styed dishes, keep solids in mind and use the examples above for color selections. Keeping it simple can be very pretty and fun.

Okay, on with the party! Let’s see your thriftiness for this week! Also, please remember to link back to this party on your post. I visited a lot of linkups from last week that I wanted to feature and they did not have a mention and or link to this party. Please take the time to add a link to TTG!

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  1. HI Diann and LInda; love thrifty and love sharing. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Thanks for the tablescaping tips and for hosting the party!

  3. You are soo right Diann! Sticking with the basics,like white dishes, let's you create so many settings without breaking the bank! thanks so much to you and Linda for hosting. Hugs to you both :-)

  4. Love the RED in your tablescape :) Thanks for hostessing the party.


  5. I'm a dish freak, too! Linked up a Valentine Tablescape using some of my mother's dishes! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Your Valentine's table in White and lots of red is gorgeous! Thank you for hosting sweet ladies.

  7. What a pretty tablescape - I especially love the glass!

  8. Love your red and white table - so pretty. Thank you for hosting.. Cathy

  9. Diann this was a great post! Love how you showed solids will fit so many holidays and occasions with just a few additions! I'm going to feature YOU on my FB page this weekend!

    1. Diann, this was a great post, cute and practical!

      I am going to join you all to ight. My first time!



  10. Hi, Diann. Thanks so much for hosting. Your red-and-white table is great! ~Zuni

  11. Your dishes look lovely.
    Thanks for the party.

  12. LOVE the red and white tablescape. perfect for valentine's day.

  13. Happy, cheery the polka dot mugs.

  14. Thanks for hosting. Linda@Wetcreek and Wetcreek Museum Blogs

  15. Not only did you set a very pretty and fun table, but you dispensed some excellent advice, Linda! I actually went to a thrift store today and found some really good stuff (HIGHLY unusual for me to find anything worthwhile!!!), so maybe I can do a post and join the party sometime soon! :-)

  16. Oops...I said "Linda" instead of Diann! My bad! I landed on here via Linda's blog post and just lost my way!!! :-) Sorry, DIANN!!! :-)

  17. Red and white is always a great combination for dishes especially this time of year.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  18. Cute table. The goblets fit perfectly.


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