Keeping Serving Utensils Handy

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I don’t have a big kitchen so that also means I have very few drawers. My main draw holds my everyday silverware along with odds and ends knives and the serving pieces that came with my silverware.

However, I still use other large spoons for serving. So, I needed a place to keep them handy but, not take up a lot of room.


I found this demi-john, well sort of a demi-john, at SA a few weeks ago. I paid .59 cents for it.

And what is a “demi-john”?


noun \ˈde-mē-ˌjän\

Definition of DEMIJOHN

:  a narrow-necked bottle usually enclosed in wickerwork

(Webster Dictionary)

I thought it would fit a small space and be perfect to keep my misc. serving pieces in. The wicker doesn’t come off separately so, the entire thing went into the dishwasher and came out fine.


There are a couple of stainless steel pieces here but, there are also some silver pieces. One of the beautiful things about silver is the more you use it and wash it, the less you need to polish it. I think some times people are afraid to actually use real silver or silver plated items as everyday usage. Remember, that is what they were made for, to be used!


Geez, I really need to think ahead of time and stage my pictures better! LOL I should have sparkled up these serving pieces and not had a rubber spatula in the picture (in the large crock)! Oh well, I guess I am just keeping it real.

I have a large crock that holds all my various utensils as well but, this works great for serving pieces.


Besides your everyday utensil crock (or whatever you use) do you have a handy place that holds your large serving spoons?

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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but in any home I have lived in, the drawers are never "deep" enough for my utensils!! I collect pitchers and use one next to my stove for the often-used utensils. From time to time, I decide it is too clutters and move them back into the it never lasts long!

  2. Keeping it real is the best way....everything looks great! I keep my big spoons in a cubby behind the regular spoons but I like your idea! Have a good weekend my friend!

  3. I had never heard of a demi-john. Thanks for the info.

  4. Great find! I have 2 small crocks that I keep my large utensils in on the counter. Small kitchen here too. 3 drawers and not much counter space either. I found a bread box with a utensil drawer, freed up a drawer by putting everyday silverware in it. But then there's goes more counter space :( But it all works out ;)

  5. I like that your container is narrow and tall -- great idea! I have an old milk pitcher that my mother-in-law got me when we were first married on one of her many garage sale runs. It's actually worth a bit of money I found out but I treasure it as she died many years ago just after we were married. It serves the purpose and is always a sweet reminder of her.

  6. I totally agree with you about the silver, along with the 'good' dishes, they're meant to be used. If someone is afraid of breaking them, they just sit in a china hutch or worse, in storage, and don't bring any joy. Years ago I watched in Oprah episode (probably the last one I watched in its entirety) on this very topic. She asked various people what they were saving the good china, the crystal, the formal living room, the plastic covered furniture, etc for - when asked if she'd use something if the Queen was coming to tea, she replied "No, not even the Queen was reason enough to use her best china". Wow - not even Royalty was good enough. That means that no one in her family will have use this stuff and she'll just keep dusting it until she dies.
    A friends Mom said she'd use the good china and silver for family dinners on Sunday so that her kids could learn to repsect it and proper table manners. "Even if I just served hash, it was served on my best dishes". That's the right attitude for me.


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