How to Find and Use Mini Hidden Spaces

Hi everyone!
I see so many big gorgeous homes throughout blogland. And I totally confess the little green-eyed monster has a tendency to rear it’s ugly head from time to time. But, then I come back to reality which is a small 2 bedroom townhouse. LOL
So taking advantage of “hidden spaces” is important to me. Today I am not talking about “treasures” such as where to store all my beautiful dishes or beloved ironstone pieces. I’m referring to those blah, but needed everyday things that can clutter up or just get shoved here or there.
So just between you and me (nobody else is listening right?), here are a few of the hidden spaces I utilize.
Remember my “December to January” dining room shelf? Here it is:
I love thrifted pitchers. I use them all the time. And also use them for hidden spaces. Let’s take a peek…..
I keep empty bread bags and empty cereal bags in this pitcher.
Now the other pitcher which BTW is my favorite Ironstone pitcher! Just love it!
Yup, that's where I store all those fast food condiments you get extra of.
On top of a cabinet I have in the dining room, I keep my white hobnail milk glass set.
And what is inside?
Hot cocoa mixes. Troy got a gift set of 12 different flavors of hot cocoa for Christmas. Well, I have no place to store 12 individual boxes! This pitcher is handy to get to and he knows right where they are when he wants to make a cup.
Since I love and collect different pitchers, I like to have them handy. I really do use them. But, I have said it before here at TTG, I need some things that I use for d├ęcor to do double duty. And that is what my pitchers do. Well, actually triple duty….I use them, I decorate with them and they are hidden storage for those little things.
And a little side bonus, when the pitchers are sitting on a shelf, just looking pretty they will get quite dusty inside. When you have them as mini storage places, it keeps the dust out of them. When you want to use them,  just empty the contents (I usually grab a grocery sack to dump them in until they are ready to go back on the shelf), rinse and swipe the inside and they are ready for use. No scrubbing away nasty dust.
This is a great way to keep things neat and organized. That way all these little everyday things don’t take up cabinet room, drawer room or countertop space.
Now you know when I show a shelf redo with a pitcher on it, you are going to wonder “what’s inside that pitcher?” LOL
What about you? Do you use these little mini hidden storage places?
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  1. This made me laugh! Oh yes, I use things to tuck other things into all the time. We who live in tiny spaces must use it all! Love your pitchers and I'm enjoying the few I have started to collect also. Hugs, Linda

  2. Lol very clever! I'm right with you as I live in a 1000 sq ft home so I'm also often a but envious of anyone who even has a second story!

  3. Too funny, I do the same thing. The trick is to remember where you put things.

  4. yeah...someone else who hides stuff allover....trouble is i cant remeber where i put anything

  5. That is a great idea! I have 2 cookie jars that look like houses on my countertop. I keep hot chocolate in one and kool aid, tea mixes in the other one. I also store things like popcorn, rice and beans in mason jars that I have on my countertop as well.

  6. Great ideas, but I would forget I had put things there. I love Mason jars (comment above) anyway I have done similar things with glass jars. I keep buttons in them so I can see them. I also have lavender in glass jars. It is a great idea, I just have to be able to see inside or else it would not work for me. The table is beautiful. Looks like a great table for lunch with friends.

  7. Ah ha, White Hobnail, so that's what that set is called. Love your collection!

  8. I love the way you make use of every space like that. I have done that before, but then I tend to forget where I've stashed something. Wasn't a problem when I was younger and living in a 1 bedroom apartment, but something seems to have happened to my memory over the years.

  9. Oh I love your white hobnail! I have the pitcher. Wish I had more pieces. Have a great day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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