Changing Out Dishes

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I have a love of beautiful dishes. And although I have several sets of various white dishes (a must for any dish lover), I have a passion for colors, designs and even history in my dishware.


For the past couple of weeks we have been using these pretty red leaf design dishes. I love the little hint of orange in the striping.


They just have a fresh clean look to them.  I bought them a couple of years ago at a thrift store. I used them for a time and then stored them. I decided to use them again last month for a new look.


And then I recently pulled out these beauties! I also bought these at a thrift store. I had first noticed them weeks before I bought them. I feel in love with this vintage restaurantware set! However, I wasn’t willing to pay the retail price for them. So, I kept my fingers crossed for a couple of weeks. hoping no one would buy them until I could when the sticker color went 50% off.


If you are unfamiliar with the term “Restaurantware” it refers to china that was designed exclusively for hotels/restaurants at first in the late 1800’s. Soon, due to its durability, it became a popular form of china for railroads, ships and even the military. This Mayer China is from the early 1900’s. Mayer China Company was an American china  producer.

I hung on to my thrifty ways, and waited out the weeks and was so excited to be able to snatch these up the first day they went 50% off! Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not. But, this was a lucky time!

I am nothing if not stubborn in  my ways!


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It may surprise you to know that I only keep 8 dinner plates in my cabinets. I always have 4 white dinner plates and then a different color or colored pattern set of 4.  I don’t like to have packed cabinets. I like to keep these spaces easy to get to and maintain. That is why I change out dishes often. My husband is pretty much used to reaching in to get a dish and it be a totally new one from yesterday. LOL

Are you a dish lover? Do you enjoy finding these new treasures at bargain prices and switching them out from time to time?

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  1. I just switched out from my multi colored everyday Fiesta to a set of Franciscan Desert Rose that I saw at a Thrift Shop before Christmas and was still there the end of January!!! It was waiting for me!!!

  2. Oh my! I love that china Diann! Hmmm...changing out the dishes....hmmm, just might be a way for me to keep my collection and keep Mr. B happy about it...

  3. Those are really pretty dishes! I love the Mayer China plates!! I don't change out my everyday dishes very often but I love old transfer ware and change out my displays in my dining room.

  4. I do enjoy changing out my dishes. Also as I'm donating some to make room for new, if I use them for a week or so, it's easier to donate! Love the red pattern restaurant ware!!

  5. I change out but have weaned my dishes down to just a couple sets & my holiday set. I pick up 2 matching dinner plates at the thrifts to do tablescapes, keep them awhile and usually donate them back. I think I'm going to start putting them in my cabinet and using them first, something different that sounds like fun. Good idea Diann, and can't wait to see hubby's face when he keeps taking out different dishes. :)

  6. Hit send too soon, I love RED on dishes, especially white dishes. Yours are great, especially the restaurant ware.

  7. Oh I love china! And have collected several sets over the years, mostly from thrift stores. I used to see a lot of restaurant ware at our Goodwill, but they have been very scarce lately. I have several pieces, but not really a whole set. I would use them every day if I had a whole set, because they just last and last.

    Jocelyn @

  8. Such pretty dishes. I have never heard of restaurantware - keeping an eye out for it now!

  9. I love the red/white isn't as easy to find as it was a few years ago. I have some white/blue that I have had for ages, but not done a table with...maybe next week.
    I honestly don't have any everyday china, I use everything, china, sterling, crystal...whatever catches my fancy for the meal I am serving.

  10. You have such a great collection of dishes. Love the color and pattern.


  11. I like this idea!
    I have several dish sets, but only switch on holidays.

  12. Those are beautiful! Have a great weekend :)

  13. I am crushing on the colors and patterns you have. Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two.

  14. Love your patterns and colors. Thanks for linking yp to Tickled Pink Times Two.


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