A Quiet Tea Moment

Hi everyone!


We have had a very busy crazy week around here lately. We finally signed an agreement for farm land (Woohoo). Once that was done we had to go and register our farm to our company DTL Herbs. And then it was off to another government office to file for a Federal Grant for a Hoop House to put on our farm and start growing our herbs early.


So, there has been a ton of documents, legal information, property assessment, information gathering and a whole ton of other stuff that we have had to delve into this past week.

IMG_7858 At one moment, I just needed to clear my head of all this information swirling around in it and just enjoy a cup of tea and a treat.


A fresh cheese turnover from a local bakery did the trick!


Since it is still February, I continued my color theme and enjoyed some more pink.


Although I was dealing with a lot of legal mumbo jumbo, and having visions of me covered in mud trying to get the land tilled up and planted, I needed a girly moment! So, even though I am a farmer, I also still need my girly, pink, sparkly blinged out moments! Welcome to the new age of farming! LOL

I need to always find my balance in life!


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  1. Love this!! Sometimes you just need to feel pretty!!!

  2. Love the quiet tea moment. Congratulations on your farm.

  3. We all need a quiet time and the feeling of being girly! That turnover really look yummy!

  4. I love your pretty tea cup and china and your cheese turnover looks so good. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my pasta peas and bacon recipe! It's so good and my husband and daughter LOVE it! Take care and have a nice weekend.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  5. Hi Diann...Yup, I need my girly bling moments, too. Love them. Enjoyed all your sweet photos, too! Nice job. Susan

  6. We all need a few minutes to spend like that. Your pictures are so welcoming. Best wishes on your new farm.

  7. What a lovely setting. I just love your cup and your napkin ring

  8. Yup! Even a farming girl needs her bling moments! Your teacup is pretty and the cheese turnover looks delicious. Love the napkin ring and all the pink. Thank you for joining me for tea, Diann, and have a wonderful week.



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