Valentine Ideas from the Past

Hi everyone!

Well, I have been trying to get some kind of Valentine inspiration going. I have to admit, right now my head isn’t into holiday decorating or any decorating for that matter. I am immersed in purging/organizing and just letting go of things.

Valentine’s day like St. Patrick’s day or even the 4th of July are holidays that I don’t spend a lot of money on. I really try to keep my budget to them at right around $5.00. Yup, that’s it and I have been doing that for years now. Instead, I really work with things that I already have on hand.

So, I thought I would look around at things I have done in the past for Valentine’s day.







Have you started any Valentine touches around your home?


  1. Thanks for the ideas, I am planning a Valentine Tea for my girls and granddaughters.

  2. Love these ideas!! I never got a response from Troy about my Basil. Just wondered if he got my email :-S

  3. I have really enjoyed your blog so far. but tell me, are links and making a comment doing the same thing. Some how linky pop up and I think I'm following you on twitter and facebook or the other way around. As you can see I'm confused. I'm learning everyday though, The bloggers seem to be a very helpful bunch. Hope I can help someone soon. Can you tell me about the twitter and facebook thing. As I have just started both of those too. Thanks. Tonia

  4. Oh, quess I should explain, I was trying to get on the social network party. Did not work.I'm going to try and figure out a little more about links and what I'm doing before I try that again.


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