Thrifty Things Friday #144

Hi everyone!

TTF CoHost 1

Linda and I are happy you could join us for the party today!

Today I thought I would share a quilt I bought a while back. I knew it would be great for our bed during the winter months.


It is a King size quilt. and for $7.50 how could I NOT get it?!!


It is heavy and nice and warm and has been a cozy addition considering all the zero degree weather we have been having!


It was all hand stitched/quilted. so much time was put into this quilt!


And it has fiber fill poufy areas.


I know these calico prints are from the 80’s-90’s era. I really didn’t care. I hate to see someone’s hard work and time just sitting in a thrift store. I used to quilt and I know how much work goes into a quilt especially one this large!

I feel blessed to have this comfy quilt keeping us warm at night!

Tomorrow is the SNP! And it will be for Google+ (DiannLH)


Okay, let’s see your thriftiness!


  1. Love the quilt!! What a buy!!
    Thanks so much for the party!!


  2. WHAT a treasure you got in that quilt ! :) Thank you for hosting , Deb from Homespun & Frugal Little Bungalow

  3. Diann, that quilt was a steal. I agree, it's difficult to understand how someone can put all that time and effort into a piece like this and then it ends up in a thrift store. Glad it found a good home.

  4. What a great deal on the beautiful and cozy quilt. Thanks so much for hosting Diann.

  5. Thanks for hosting Diann, just popped over from Linda's blog (saw the reminder). A cozy quilt sure makes cold weather nights a lot better.

  6. looks like a very warm quilt thanks for hosting

  7. You definitely got a bargain I paid a lot more for conors quilt thanks for hosting another great party

  8. First time linking up! Thanks for the party!

  9. What a pretty quilt. It looks all comfy cozy.

  10. my last quilt was an eiderdown type like the one you found , i made it to put over my ever frozen feet at night

  11. It is so windy and cold here that beautiful quilt would be perfect!
    Thanks for hosting, Diann.

  12. That quilt is quite a find. I recognize several of those fabrics too. I guess that dates me. lol Thanks for hosting this linky party. I'm a first timer.

  13. Oh the quilt is beautiful-what a wonderful find! Thanks for hosting :)

  14. You were so right to pick up that is lovely.


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