Thrifty Things Friday ~ #142

Hi everyone!
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Welcome to the #142 TTF party! Linda and I are so glad you joined us. There were some awesome linkups last week! If you are unaware, I sneak in a featured post everyday on my TTG FB page. so stop by and see if you were featured!
I know a lot of you out there are like me and love, love, love to find decorating/styling/crafting etc. type books at rock bottom bargain prices! I recently bought a bag of books at one of our local libraries and a couple of them were decorating books.
The whole bag of books (about 16) was $1.00! Can’t beat that with a stick!!
This is one of them that I picked up.
Now, I have to admit, this designer’s style so not my style.
He is very ornate. I like a little ornate here and there.
IMG_7650His picture, the designer, so does not fit with his design. LOL
But, it was fun to look through and get little ideas or some inspiration.
Now that I have scanned the things that I wanted to keep for future ideas, I am re-thrifting this book for someone else to enjoy it.
Do you scan specific pages from books like this or magazines and keep them in an “inspiration” folder on your computer? I started doing this about a year ago when I decided it was time to let go of my “getting out of control” stack of hard cover decorating books.
When you get these types of books or magazines and there are only a few different things in them that you want for reference, scan them, save to a folder and then donate the book or magazine so someone else can enjoy it! It helps keep down clutter, frees up space and keeps you better organized. And that my friends helps you find a better balance in your life!
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Okay everyone, show us your thriftiness!


  1. Diann, I wish I could say that I am so efficient and organized with my books and magazines. The best thing I have ever done was to get rid of 8 paper boxes of magazines and several shelves of books at my last move. The books went to a second hand book shop we used to frequent. Usually she gives credit for books turned in...this time we just blessed her with the books. They were good ones since I had moved less than 2 years before and had undergone a teeny weeny purge. ;)

    This week I joined the Project Inspire{d} hosting team. Our link party goes live every Monday night at 8 EST. I'd be delighted if you would consider popping over and linking up some of your inspiring posts:

    Wishing you An Extraordinary Day!!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting. Wishing you healthy and happiness in the coming year.

  3. Scanning the "good" pages of decorating books is a great idea, Diann. I'm enjoying the TTF Social Networking-Blogging party. I'm making lots of new friends and discovering some really great blogs. Thanks for hosting all of this (along with Linda, of course :) ).

  4. If I can figure out how to use my scanner (oh my) this is such a great idea! Instead of books and magazines with a few pics I like, I can edit down the pile!

  5. Good Moring Diann, I tried to add you to g+ but I have problems with it. If you add me, I will add you right back. Thank you for hostessing, have an awesome weekend.

  6. I love the look of that first picture sort of old 40's Hollywood
    I love my hard back decor books and do stack them around the house.
    I have let go of a few thanks for the good tip on scan pages to keep
    also thanks for hosting

  7. Happy New Year Diann and Linda. Thank you for hosting Thrifty Things Friday, love joining in. Have a great week.

  8. 16 books for a dollar you have to love library sales.
    Thanks for letting me join the party.

  9. You have far better library sales than here in Kansas! Thanks for hosting each week.
    Have a great week, Diann.

  10. Thanks again for the feature on FB, I posted the link to it under my project.


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