Social Network Party ~ PINTEREST

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the 3rd SNP! Did you gain some new friends or likes from last week’s Facebook edition? I hope so!

If you don’t know what this party is about, check out the original post describing it by clicking the picture below!


I have to admit, I can get totally caught up and lose track of time so quickly when I venture into the world of pinning! So many awesome ideas out there!

Pinterest is one of the places you definitely want to follow a lot of other people and their boards. Because the more you follow, the more you see and can pin yourself.

Here is my Pinterest. I have 30 different boards and am adding or redoing them pretty regularly.

Pinterest is one of the best places to get new ideas! So, start pinning and following others!


  1. thanks for hosting a great party idea

  2. I'm sorry I must have been completely daydreaming. I Iinked to my post instead of Pinterest.

  3. This is awesome thanks for hosting!

  4. Thanks for being patience, This is still a learning process for me. Thanks for hosting.

  5. You don't know how tickled I am that I made it in time. I'm really enjoying this, thanks for hosting. I have found so many new things. So many Ideas. Ok stay focused, stay focused, stay focused. BYE!


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