Social Network Party ! Google+

Hi everyone!

Welcome to this week’s SBP!


Today we are going to add to our Google+ circle of friends! Visit each link and add them to your circles! Let them know you joined from this party so they can add you to their own circle!

Here is my Google+ DiannLH

Next week’s SNP will be Hometalk. After quite a few of you have asked me to include Instagram and Twitter, I will continue this party for an additional two Fridays to include these two social networks!

Remember to drop back by throughout the week so you can click through new links as they are added!


  1. I like the Google+ link party I still finding my way through Google+ so thank you sooo much for this

  2. thanks so much for hosting Diann have a wonderful weekend

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  4. I just joined Google+, but I confess I don't know it's purpose. I joined because a blog I wanted to comment on only allowed Google+ members. I don't know what the circles are for I'm afraid.


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