Letting Go of Things

Hi everyone!

As most of you know, during 2013 I really stepped back and took a look around me (figuratively and literally) and decided I wanted to let go and free myself from a lot of “things”.


Although life is crazy busy most of the time, I still managed to perform leaps and bounds in the area of purging. I think taking those first baby steps last Spring was the hardest part. Once I started and became more comfortable letting go of things, it truly became a mission for me.


If you follow me via The Thrifty Groove Facebook Page ( generally I post pictures of all my treasures that are heading to donation at least once a week), you are seeing that I jumped right into continuing this mission for 2014! Because now, it has become a Routine!

And I can honestly say, it has become one of my most favorite routines by far. Why? Because each time I let go of something I unburden myself of stress and feel lighter.

This past year I did very little thrifting. And I really missed it. I enjoy the “Hunt for Treasures”! It’s my hobby. But, when dealing with these treasures that I enjoyed and played with, I should have then let go of them for someone else to enjoy. Things I truly love, I keep but, the rest should have been re-thrifted.

Instead, I tried to deal with storing them. Which can cost money, time and a lot of stress and headaches. Something finally clicked in my brain. It was like a revelation! “It’s okay to let go!”

I jumped into 2014 eager to start letting go of more things. I gathered a few boxes that were stored and went at it!


After going through all the boxes in this purge, I only ended up with a few items that I wanted to store. Just a FEW items! I was thrilled!

Vintage Myott & Copper Tablescape 013

In a couple of the boxes was the above tablescape. And with the exception of a couple of things, EVERYTHING on this tablescape was donated! In some dark recess in my brain, I new I wasn’t going to reuse these dishes and most of the other items when I boxed them up. So, why did I keep them? I have no idea. I had fun with them, played with them and used them for a time. They now need to be enjoyed by someone else.


This large cut glass hurricane candle holder was in one of the boxes as well. I am so shocked it wasn’t broke. I decided to use it again on a shelf in the living room.


I added a few dollar store decorative wood orbs that I have had for awhile.


I tucked in some fresh evergreen sprigs.


I also added some large glass pinecone ornaments.


I am actually taking my time redecorating this shelf. Rediscovering some treasures that have been tucked away and enjoying them again as I find them.

Are you a thrifter that has realized you will always find new treasures so, it is okay to re-thrift old ones?

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  1. I just did the same thing, and had a ton that went to the goodwill. It makes you feel so good to let go of things that are just not your style anymore. Time to let someone else enjoy them. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me Tuesday party - - -http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2014/01/198th-inspire-me-tuesday.html. Hugs, Marty

  2. I don't have huge closets or cupboard spaces, so I have to be careful what I bring home in the first place. I also know how to let go of things that no longer suit my tastes. So I can keep shopping vintage (within reason) but not turn into a hoarder. :-)

  3. I've been of the same mind for a couple years now. Each season, I get rid of a bit more & it feels so liberating every time ... & you're right, it gets easier. I say to myself often, one of these days I'm going to have the courage to truly get rid of everything thing that I want to but am scared to ... I'm going to do it & it's ganna feel SO awesome.

  4. You and I have been on this journey in 2013 together and it will continue in 2014!! I am feeling so much happier now that I have learned to let go and re-thrift items I no longer am going to use. Like you, once I use certain dishes in a tablescape, I know I will not reuse them, so why hold on to them? Now I'm not. I've done major purging this past year and will continue this year. I hope to reduce my dishes even more and make room for new treasures...be they for a few moments or keepers for a lifetime. Learning this has made me so happy and much less stressed!

  5. Love what you did to the hurricane candle lamp. BEAUTIFUL.

  6. I'm working on it! We did a flea market in the fall and a yard sale, then took a whole pick-up truck load to donate. Made some extra Christmas money and also unloaded, which feels good. I love to treasure hunt, so I have to continue to take out to donate if I bring in. Each week when I go to "town" I take a bag. Started in December and have continued. I still had too much stuff, but like I said, I'm working on it. I must have donated 100 different dishes I had picked up for tablescapes. Just like you and Linda. I told hubby I didn't want us to end up in an episode of hoarders, lol. Thanks Diann for the inspiration you started giving all of us last year. :) Pam

  7. I'm hoping to fully embrace this philosophy this year, too. Your posts inspire me, Diann.

  8. I admit to being a thrifter/hoader! I need to start the purging too. I always 'forget' that I have these treasures hidden away somewhere...;j

  9. Me too on trying to clear, clean, declutter and re-do! Just went through my shed that has all my GOODIES and said, "If I haven't used it in a long time then toss it!". Now if I can just keep that mindset!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. You're an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story with us. Some years are easier than others when it comes to getting rid of stuff. SInce I started putting more effort into my tablescapes I've accumulated a lot more dishes and other stuff. While I try to limit my purchases to just four of any plate or bowl, it's still more stuff that needs to be stored. However, I am successful in downsizing in other areas. Supplies, for various hobbies, that once took up lots of space are being donated especially those that haven't been touched in two or more years.
    Always looking for places to downsize,


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