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Hi everyone!

As part of my goal for this year, Finding Balance, I am working hard at routines and scheduling.


Scheduling and be consistent has been difficult for me this year. So, it is one of the first areas I am working on. And part of that is internet time. The time spent online can get away from me too easily. Generally not in the direction I want to go either1 LOL

So, one of my new routines for 2014 is at my The Thrifty Groove Facebook Page.

I figure if I am saying this out loud, so to speak, I am committing myself. ( I know…good luck right?)

So, here is my scheduled routine for this page:

10:00 am ~ I will feature a link up from the most recent TTF party.

1:00 pm ~ Will be a question for all of you. I have been doing this a bit off and on and have really enjoyed hearing and learning more about you all!

6:00 pm ~ I will post “What 3 things did you accomplish today?” Once again, you guys always motivate me through this question and I look forward to hearing about your day!

Of course I will be sliding other little tidbits in from time to time. And since I plan to continue my purging/donating/re-thrifting throughout this year, I will be talking about that each week.

I hope you will join me daily!!




  1. I enjoy joining you for Facebook time each day, it's fun!

  2. thanks for stopping by! I will certainly checkout the FB page, I need some motivation around here.

  3. I have been hacked 2 times on Facebook so I am not a big fan of it. I do enjoy your posts.


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