I Decided I Needed a Little Sparkle

Hi everyone!
Since it has felt like we have been part of some Alaskan Survival TV Show lately with all the snow and bitter cold temps we have had this January, I decided I need to have a little touch of pretty sparkle around me.
I thought I would polish up a couple of pieces of silver I have. I bought this little tray years ago. It was tarnished when I bought it and I have kept it that way. I used it all the time, just old and tarnished.
It has such pretty details.
I also polished up this little silver plated dish. I bought it at thrift store for 50% off the $1.91 price.
Oooh…I see a little sparkle!
Looks like I need a new pair of silver polishing gloves!
Not 100% polished. I actually like the darker tarnish in the intricate handles. I think it adds more detail to the piece.
I had originally thought I would put some conversation heart candies down on the bottom of this tray and then put the little Valentine tea lights. but, I liked the pretty design and sparkle from it, I chose to just go with the tea lights. Simple.
And the other little dish was perfect for the candy!
Using what I already have to add a little sparkle and Valentine prettiness.
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  1. Your silver pieces are lovely! Many people think that the pantina on tarnished silver pieces is just fabulous, so they just leave them that way. I love the beauty of polished silver, especially older pieces. Much more than just the shine, it's knowing that over the life of the item, someone lovingly polished this piece for any number of special occasions or just because they loved it so much.
    Anyone who doesn't use their grandmother's silver because they don't want to polish it, send it to me! I will happily polish it, use it and enjoy it.
    Life is better with a little sparkle.

  2. I love both of these silver pieces, so pretty and I love them all polished and full of sparkle. Great for the candy and what a super idea for the little tea lights. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh I love your silver pieces. They cleaned up beautifully!

  4. I love the old silver and look how pretty it looks all sparkly! Hugs!

  5. Really nice pieces, Diann. I find it relaxing to polish silver.

  6. we are in that same episode of Alaskan survival so I guess I need some of that sparkle too.
    I just love your pieces and yes you need some new gloves

  7. Sparkle is always good. I like it polished up.

  8. I have a few pieces of silver I just might polish myself since these turned out so pretty!

  9. WONDERFUL uses for both pieces. PERFECT!

  10. These are gorgeous pieces whether they are tarnished or shiny. Love them both ways!!


  11. I love silver, whether it's left alone or polished!!! I have a whole tea set on our coffee table. It looks like a scene from Downton Abbey and I'm glad it does because that's what I'm going for!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  12. Love your silver! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. I like your sparkle.
    I love silver it's got that vintage romance feel to it of course the couple of pieces I do have are tarnish for my Halloween window displays.

  14. Love both pieces, totally my style as well. I hope you'll link up to my next Thrifty & Vintage Finds link party!

    Dagmar's Home

  15. Seriously coveting these silver pieces! Lovely...

  16. They both look lovely! I think polishing silver is one of those things that are worth doing, because the reward (and pretty immediate gratification) is so wonderful. You can see the beauty and intricate designs in pretty short order. That long tray is especially beautiful and unique. Cute post. ~Zuni

  17. Sparkling beautifully - well done! So delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


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