One Last Donation Trip for 2013!

Hi everyone!

As most of you know, I have really been working at purging and re-thrifting treasures this past year. I have donated a LOT of things in 2013. I didn’t do a lot of buying, more purging. And it has felt wonderful! Well, Troy and I made one last haul of items to the donation store before 2014 was here.

Everything we donated today were freebies. Either given to me by a friend who was moving or curbside pickups. I love to refinish furniture and had high hopes of doing just that with all of these.

But, reality reared it’s ugly head and I never had the chance to get to them.

We don’t have a garage or basement so, the only time to work on a project like sanding and refinishing furniture is when it is warm outside.

The problem is as soon as it gets warm outside, our entire focus goes straight to our business, DTL Herbs! We work almost non-stop prepping and planting gardens for our herbs. Then right into plant sales. product development, production and farmer’s markets. We don’t come up for air between April and September.

So, refinishing projects like furniture pieces is just not going to happen at this point.


The above was a curbside freebie. It is a 1950 - 1960’s bar cabinet. It just needed some TLC.


You opened it up and the bar slid out. The insides were in great condition. And it lit up. There was a place under this to store more “cocktail accouterments”.

It was just a fun piece and I am sure someone will be happy to buy it and give it a light makeover.

Have you any last minute items to purge before the new year?


  1. I had a bar like this from my parents! I gave it to my daughter Sara and her husband for their mid-century home. I took one last load to the thrift shop today. I know there will be more in 2014, but I am so proud of how much I've re-thrifted this year, you too Diann! I even shopped a little bit today and found a set of four vintage glasses I love...I'll share for TFF! Hugs, Linda

  2. Hi Diann...Purging and decluttering are definitely on my list for 2014. I have a LOT I want to haul. A Happy New Year to you and your sweetheart. Susan

  3. Yes, I'm thinking of a purge too. A friend and I did quite a bit of thrifting in 2013, so I'm going to decide which of those treasures have become valuable and which can be donated. I've also started a few boxes for my son's house when he moves out - anything he decides he doesn't want or need will be given to Goodwill too. I'm looking forward to seeing more breathing space in my cabinets and closets. I also wanted to let you know how I enjoy stopping by your blog even when I don't take time to comment. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. Diann, It's on my list but I haven't started yet.
    Happy New Year!


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