Jump Start Your Social Networking for 2014!

Hi everyone!


Okay, it’s not a normal weekly party. You won’t be sharing a post or anything like that.

I thought we all may want a little boost to start the new year regarding all of our different social network areas.

Right now I am just planning to do this during the month of January. I might do it again a few months out of the year. We will see how it goes.

Here is how it works…

  • Each Friday I am going to have a linkup for you to join.
  • Each Friday will be a different social network
  • You will simple come over here and enter your link to that particular social network.
  • You ONLY link once with ONLY that week’s specific network.
  • I will remove any links that do not fit or go against these simple guidelines.
  • When you link up, you are promising to visit at least 20 of the other linkups in that weeks party! And when you visit you will follow, friend or like that person’s social network.
  • Leave a comment at the linkup that you “liked, became a follower or friended” and let them know that you are visiting from TTG.
  • If you receive a new comment stating the above, you are required to return the favor and friend, like, follow that person (if you haven’t already).

This will be a simple, easy and quick way to increase your traffic. We all want to increase our “numbers” and this way we will all help each other out! And hopefully, make some new friends!

I know we all don’t have the same social networks, so just join the ones you do have. Even if you don’t have a blog, but you have a Facebook page, you can join that week.

Here is the schedule for this month so you will know in advance….

1/03 ~ BLOGS (visit each blog link and start following that blog)

1/10 ~ FACEBOOK (visit each link and either friend them or like, whichever may be the case)

1/17 ~ PINTEREST ~ (visit each link and start following)

1/24 ~ GOOGLE+ ~ (visit each link and follow)

1/31 ~ HOMETALK ~ (visit each link and follow)

Please feel free to share this party on any of your social networks. The more people who join, the more we all increase our traffic!! This is open to everyone who fits that week’s linkup!

So, let’s help each other out!

Come back on Friday to link-up!


Disclaimer: I reserve the right to pull any link for any reason I feel is inappropriate!




  1. Hi Diann...That is so kind and thoughtful of you! I look forward to all your posts in 2014! Happy New Year! Susan

  2. Sounds lovely,not sure I could commit to so much though but good luck with it. Happy New Year

  3. I have included a link back to you and a brief description in my post to go up Thursday night. I am looking forward to this.

  4. I hope ive done this right im a total technical dumb dumb.....good idea though

  5. Diann, this is quite timely for me. I vowed to get my blog going this year and was preparing to start writing. Am I too presumptuous to join this party with only 2 posts on my blog as yet? :( I'm thinking this is a good way to get my blog off the ground.

  6. Hi Diana, this is a very timely post for me. I promised myself that I would get my blog up and running this year and in fact had just sat down to write when I saw this! Would I be too presumptuous to join in this party with only 2 blog posts up as yet? I'm thinking this would be a good opportunity to get my blog up and running!

  7. You left out Instagram! Boo hoo! Thanks for doing this though, it's a good deed done five times!

  8. I'm enjoying browsing your blog, but what does linking up consist of doing?

  9. Now I'm confused Was the fist comment not approved? Anyway I enjoyed visiting your blog and I'm now following. I look forward to your posts.


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