Thrifty Things Friday #136

Hi everyone!

TTF CoHost 1

Welcome to the party! Linda and I are excited to see what you have to share this week! Before I continue with my thrifty little treasures, I wanted to let you all know that next week we aren’t going to be having the TTF party. It is Thanksgiving and both Linda and I want to relax and enjoy the holiday with our family and friends!

Last week Troy and I headed to downtown Detroit to a manufacturer that we buy our bottles from for DTL Herb products. And since the huge Salvation Army store is only 2 blocks away, we had to stop! LOL


I found these two sets of Christmas napkin rings!


This set is so cute! Never been opened!


Originally $7.99 at Homegoods. I bought them for $1.49!


I thought these little Santas were adorable.


The box was sealed tightly so I couldn’t check them out to make sure they weren’t broken or were actually the Santa’s shown (I have bought napkin rings before that were sealed up and were not what the picture on the box showed). But, I was pleasantly surprised when they were not broken and there was actually 5 of them instead of 4.


Then I discovered this. Each one of them had a name written on them. I was kind of bummed but, I know I can paint the ring part. And at half off the marked price of $1.99, they were a bargain! However, having said that, I thought this was a super cute idea to use these as place cards!

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Okay, with all that said, show us your thriftiness!




  1. I love those cute napkin rings for C'mas. Thank you for hosting this week too.

  2. Hi Diann and Linda, thanks for hosting Thrifty Things Friday, appreciate joining in. We've had the old blue wooden trunk forever and one hinge was 'gone' DH made a new one. Happy me. Useful again. Have a great week.

  3. Diann I love both sets of napkin rings! I think if you put a name on them then send them home as a favor would be a fun idea also. Thanks for co-hosting each week.

  4. I love your thrifty finds. And it's so nice to see so many Christmas links to visit this week. I am SO ready to start decorating, aren't you? Sweet hugs!

  5. You got so much nice stuff! :) Don't blame you for not having a party..I don't think it would cross my mind to visit them on a holiday...I never even thought about it, lol! Just assumed there would be none on the hols...: ) Have a wonderful one! :)

  6. Hi,

    Try using hairspray or rubbing alcohol on the names and see if they come off instead of painting them. Thank you for hosting.

  7. Thanks for hosting - appreciate what you do.

  8. Hi lovely lady.
    Thanks so much for hosting your linky party for us.

  9. You just need to find a Greg and a Jess and invite them to dinner! :-) Those are the cutest napkin rings - especially like the first set. So fun!

  10. Love your new Christmas napkin rings, delightful! Thanks for hostessing the party.


  11. What a fun find, Diann!! I love those kinds of happenings. Your table will look amazing with the addition of the napkin rings. :)

  12. Hi Diann & Linda, super cute napkin rings. With In Linkz there's an advanced setting you can use to require a backlink is inserted into the incoming post before the person links up. I've had to start using that because of the not-backlinking problem. It really works, it just shows a red error line, something like "please add a backlink". You may already know that, but in case you didn't... Thanks for hosting, I'm showing my tablescape w/ partly thrifted dinnerware. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. -Dawn @ We Call It

  13. Diann, what a bargain you got... thank you for hosting. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving... Cathy

  14. So cute, I'm sure you could paint over the names-------or invite Jess, Greg and the gang over for

  15. LOVE the napkin rings. Cute, indeed. Festive too.

  16. Hi Diann....The napkin rings are darling. Great find.

    Thanks to you and Linda for hosting this super fun par-tay! Susan

  17. thanks for hosting a great party have a great day

  18. The napkin rings are adorable. Hope to join the party next round! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. Did they come with names printed on them or did someone paint them on afterwards? How unusual if they came with names printed!
    Good luck with painting over them. they are very cute. Thank you for hosting, enjoy thanksgiving.

  20. Those napkin rings are so cute....I know you can paint out those names and write in your own! Thanks so much for the party. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you!

  21. I am imagining the sweet Christmas tablescapes that you will be able to do using these napkin rings. So cute & what a bargain!

    As always, thanks to you both for hosting,


  22. Always wonderful deals you find. I am very late linking up but I was so pleased to find my plate that I had to share it here with you. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your weekend.


  23. Thanks so much for hosting! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Emily @ Simple Life of a Fire Wife


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