Revisit ~ Thrifty Christmas Décor Project

Hi everyone!

Here is a very quick, easy and extremely inexpensive Christmas décor project!

Christmas decor 2011 010


As far as Christmas decorating, I am using things that are readily available to me. I love decorating for Christmas. It is a joy to me to do it. So, I am decorating. I am just doing it differently this year.

My first Christmas décor is this shelf. I gathered jars  and created a simple display. I think any “like items” gathered together looks pretty and is a simple way to create a centerpiece-like display. Just keep in mind the rule of thumb, always group things in odd numbers.

I grabbed Epson salts and candles I already had. And some dollar store Christmas ribbon.

Christmas decor 2011 001Pour some Epsom Salts into each jar. Epsom Salts look like pretty snow.

Christmas decor 2011 002Add the ribbon and candle.

Christmas decor 2011 005Christmas decor 2011 006Please make sure the ribbon tail are out of the way and not dangling into another jar!

Christmas decor 2011 008Christmas decor 2011 009

I will probably add some fresh cut pine boughs when I finish this shelf. The only thing purchased was the $1.00 spool of ribbon.  Fun, easy, pretty and thrifty, all my favorite things!


  1. Well I gained some new ideas today--Epsom salts--who knew! Looks so cute.

  2. Very pretty, love it. I have some old mason jars in the basement. May try this sometime!

  3. I love this idea! I wish I had bought some Epsom salts when I was out this morning! heehee! Hugs!

  4. These are so pretty! I'm trying to use flame less candles with Tiger around.

  5. I never realized how pretty Epsom salts could be, this looks great. I have some jars I'm not using, too. Thanks for sharing this! Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  6. Great idea! I have been saving some of my jars to do the same this

  7. Very simple and very festive. Nice job.

  8. I have a really cute craft I found at someone else's blog. I wish I had thought to use the Epsom salts.It looks better than the fake snow they sell today! You pour some faux snow into a wide mouth short jar. Then you take a Matchbox car (preferably a classic from the 50s or 60s). You take some thin twine and tie a small Christmas tree to the car and add to the jar. It looks so cute! The girls I work with went nuts thinking it was the cutest thing ever!
    Your candles look amazing. They look so pretty and unique and the cost is so much better than the Pottery Barn and all those upscale places. I like this so much better. I love simplicity. Thanks for great ideas today.


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