Thrifty Things Friday #133

Hi everyone!


Happy Halloween Everyone!

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I don’t have anything pretty or fun to play with to show you today. Instead I am showing you a couple of thrift finds that I got for our business DTL Herbs.


Now I know this may come as a great shock to you…..NOT! but I am a dumpster diver. yes, that is correct1 I always check out dumpsters wherever I go.


I found this acrylic table case in a small dumpster at a gas station. I went in and asked the manager if it was okay if I took it. He said sure. If you have ever tried to purchase these type of cases new, you would go into sticker shock! This case just needed a little cleaning up and works great on our tables at shows.


I picked up this duo acrylic case a couple of weeks ago at Salvation Army. I was so shocked to see it there and for only $2.99! I snatched it up. It needs to be cleaned up of course but, once again, these things are pricy.

I do a LOT of thrifting for our business needs. We are always needing banquet style tables, coolers, tents etc. So, I was so happy to find these two items to add to our business gear!

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Okay, lets see what thriftiness you have for us this week!



  1. There's nothing like a perfect find for the perfect price!!
    Hope your weekend is Extraordinary!!

  2. I love great finds at smooth prices too, lol! Thank you for hosting this fun party. Have a fun Halloween!

  3. You always give me good ideas with your thrift finds! Enjoy your afternoon my friend! Hugs!

  4. great finds! people throw away amazing things.

  5. Love that you find things free or very thrifty for your business. Hope you had a great day! Happy Halloween!


  6. Thank you so much for hosting... Cathy

  7. Thanks so much for hosting this great party!!

  8. Thanks for hosting. The two plastic showcases will come in very handy in your business.

  9. You found some great things for your business, you can't beat free especially. Thanks for hosting. -Dawn @ We Call It

  10. I get super excited when I find things from the thrift store that I actually need! Those cases are an awesome score for you. Bet you couldn't stop smiling :-)



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