Thrifty Things Friday #130

Hi everyone!

This past week was very busy and very daunting. So much happening. So, it flew by and I had planned to share an entirely different post today but, best laid plans and all that.

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Before I even get into my thrift finds for the week, I would like to ask a favor of you. We have decided to try like crazy to bump our business DTL Herbs up a notch. As most of you know, we started out herb business a little over 4 years ago. It is just Troy and I and we work like crazy to earn our income. This year really found us at a stand still. We had a great summer market season, introduced new products and have a pretty good lineup of classes/presentations that we will be doing during the cold months.

However, we are ready to take our little home grown grass roots business to the next level. And in order to do that we need money! We are throwing our hat into an amazing grant opportunity.

This grant competition is nation wide so it is fierce! In order to even enter into the competition we have to gain 250 votes by November 15, 2013. This is just to allow us the opportunity to compete for the grant.

The program is called Mission Main Street Grants.

This is where you can vote for us…..DTL Herbs LTD

You are not voting for us to win the competition, just to be entered. If you would vote for us I would be so grateful!! Thank you so much!

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled party!


Yesterday my mom and I went to a few thrift stores. I was mainly looking for things to use for our upcoming Halloween event (a DTL Herb event) and for things to use to make my costume. Well, I did find those things but, of course, I found so much more! LOL


One of the things I bought this large wire teapot that had a bunch of faux fruit and tissue paper stuffed in it. This was bought at Salvation Army and it was green sticker day so I paid $1.99 for this.


I will add the faux fruit to my stash of others I have gathered. I really would like to make a fruit wreath next Spring so, I am kind of collecting pieces to use for that. So, that worked out nicely for me! I think I am going to fill this teapot with small pumpkins and gourds and add a few leaves to have a cute Autumn look to it.

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Okay, Linda and I are so excited to see your thriftiness this week! I don’t think you guys realize how much inspiration we both get from seeing what you share!


  1. That beaded fruit is SO pretty! And I'm wishing you the best with your business. I know your products are the best quality! Thanks for the fun party! I think I got here early this week! lol HUGS!

  2. Thanks for the party ladies! I'll go vote for you now. :)

  3. Hi...I went over there ( the link ) but you are required to provide your Facebook account AND friends list to them. Not so sure about FB is family and friends and alot of them are concerned about privacy : (

  4. That is totally fine Debra! They did that (standard in this kind of thing) so they know that the people who are entered aren't out creating a ton of FB pages and then voting. :)

  5. oh ok i see / well I just found your store and ordered some cornbread mix :) I figured I'd mix it up with my grandson and then have a blog post about it with links and all and I can also then use that on FB later on ....! :)

  6. I'll go vote if you are sure it is ok, then. And I shall put my new herbs mix request in now for next season is hard to get good chinese or thai spices around here hint hint :)

  7. I voted and best of luck to y'all! I finally remembered to link up early for once. Take care Diann & Linda - Dawn @ We Call It

  8. Good luck with your business - hope the voting goes well... thanks for hosting, Cathy

  9. Thank you so much for hosting. I hope all goes well.

  10. Thank you so much for hosting this great party. Good luck with the voting my friend. Hugs,

  11. I have voted, Liked your FB page (I have a link to my FB page on my blog :) and posted my link. Ahhhh! Thanks so much for hosting and for all the good information!!

  12. I voted. Thanks for hosting Thrifty Things Friday. Love joining in.

  13. Thanks for hosting. I don't have a fb account so I couldn't vote but I sure hope you are able to apply for the grant.

  14. PS) I tried to vote but because I don't have Facebook couldn't.

  15. Hi Diann and Linda! Thanks again for hosting this fun party! Love your thrifty find....i am partial to wire decor things tho.

  16. Love the fruit, really pretty! I went over and voted for you, but I really don't like FB! Hope you get to enter.
    Thanks for hosting, glad I remembered to link!


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