Organizing Cloth Napkins

Hi everyone!
I have been working at organizing and eliminating some of my linens. Between tablecloths, placemats, napkins and napkin rings, I have a lot! I would LOVE to have a large walk-in closet that could be dedicated to just these items. But, I don’t so, I have to work them into a space that I can use and easily access.
This past year, I have to admit, I had been very lazy when it comes to organizing table linens so, I decided I needed to work on this area. I have been doing it a little at a time.
First linen area to be dealt with is the napkins.
IMG_4105 A mess! This was a part of the crazy jumble that had napkins in it (along with a lot of other things as you can see).
A trip to the Dollar Tree to get storage bags.
After a couple of hours of sitting in the middle of the floor with all my cloth napkins strewn about, I matched them all up and each style went onto it’s own bag.
After they were all bagged up, they were sorted by color. I started off planning on sorting each color set of napkins into the shoe size clear containers. But, after getting going I changed my mind.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I must have an obsession with blue! I actually had to break up the blues into “subcategories”!
I have two of these rolling drawer things that now are the new home to all my cloth napkins.
I just need to label the drawers now.
Out of all the table linens available, fun napkins are my favorite. You can use them easier than tablecloths in my opinion. Here is the scary thing…..I donated about 50% of my napkins and this is what is left! Whoa!! LOL
How do you organize your table linens?
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  1. I need to look for those bags the next time I am at Dollar Tree Diann! I use hanging closet shoe holders for my napkins and they are hung up in the guest bedroom closet.

  2. This is a great idea!

    WOW and I thought I had a lot of napkins but you win the AWARD to be sure!

    Thanks for giving us this great idea!

  3. You are shaming me into trying to get organized, Linda! I can't get over how organized you are. I have a couple large storage baskets, 4 drawers and a couple armoires that I keep my linens in. I haven't organized them into colors, yet...but have all of the napkin rings bagged and each color are in lidded picnic baskets...does that count for anything? What I really need to do is pick out 10 tablecloths, a dozen napkins and about 20 sets of napkin rings and donate the would free up so much space.

  4. Oops, Diann, sorry I called you Linda!

    1. We are often confused since we are so much alike LOL!!

  5. Hi Diann...Oh, I tell you. Organizing linens is an ongoing challenge. I have yet to get rid of some. (But I feel it's coming soon. ha!) I have an area in the basement near my ebay stuff where I am storing linens. I try to separate the dining room stuff from the living room.

    Take care and have a nice evening. Susan

  6. My napkins just went through a purge but i still have so many! I have mine in a dresser drawer and I love the ease of finding them. I like thee bags also! As always we are so on the same page!!

  7. That was quite a project. Looks like you did well. Mine are scattered about my closet.

  8. What a beautiful collection of napkins you have. You did a great organizing, I am assuming that your back got tired from sitting and doing this project. Maybe not, you know what they say about assuming, LOL!



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