Little Found Surprises

Hi everyone!

As most of you know, I have been digging deep and decluttering/purging and reorganizing. Basically, freeing myself and space up! And it has been liberating I must say. Another fun side effect of going through everything is finding little buried and forgotten treasures.

I actually have a big ‘ol honkin’ box of candles. Some bought in bundles at thrift stores. Some just bought at the end of season clearance sales. Well, I decided to organize this box and found some surprises that I had totally forgotten about.

Here is one of the lost treasures I found.


These little gold bird candles were a “After Christmas Clearance” item.


They are so cute and were only .79 cents for the set of four.


I also pulled out all the broken, marred or warped candles and put them in a box.


Since I really like having candlelight in the evening, I have been burning all of these damaged candles. I figure no one else is seeing them. I’m not doing any kind of post with them. Just enjoying the soft glow of candles while watching TV in the evening. Not to mention, we often have mini power outages around here so, it is nice to have a pile of “use them up” candles for those times.

I went through all of my candles and bagged them into the individual colors. I was surprised to find an abundance of yellow and purple candles and hardly any candles in blues.

Do you have a stockpile of candles? Do you use them? Do you go through them once in awhile and pull out damaged ones? Or have I simply taken my organizing and purging a bit too far? LOL (probably)


  1. Those little bird candles are wonderful! You have absolutely NOT taken your purging too far. I think that burning the broken candles is an excellent idea. Kudos!

  2. Those bird candles are adorable! I went through my candles when packing to move and purged some broken and candle pieces I knew I wouldn't use. I mostly use tea lights and love them! Good for you to use up the broken candles!

  3. When you and Linda are finished purging your homes how about coming to do mine? Yes, I have a stash of candles and probably wouldn't recognize all of them if they were sitting in front of me!
    Have a wonderful week, Diann...

  4. I have such a huge candle stash that when a girlfriend said she was having trouble finding a certain size taper I told her I had them. She said I certainly didn't have 12 and that was what she needed. Guess what? I had 12.

  5. I LOVE candles. BUt my husband has COPD so I can't burn them.

  6. I am unusual...I don't burn candles. Could it be cause I left one burning more than once? They are beautiful, but so afraid I will forget again.

  7. Our weekend project is to clear out our walk in pantry. And yes, I am purging candles but also found a Halloween battery operated one I forgot I had!

  8. I do tend to hoard candles and love to have a couple burning! I don't think you've gone to far with your organizing at all! Just jealous of all you've gotten done!!

  9. I purged my candles last week. I never thought of actually burning them!

  10. Hi Diann....Oh I definitely love candles and burn them a lot. The maple butter has been a big hit this fall. I have a cinnamon ready to go nearer to Christmas as well as a balsam fur that really smells terrific. Glad you are a fellow candle lover. Susan

  11. Diann, I love candles as well and I do have a stash of all colors. I can't burn them for very long as they irritate my allergies. I do find I can tolerate the soy candles as long as there is no scent.
    I love the flicker of candlelight and I am thinking of purchasing the flicker led candles. I know it is not the same and I envy you being able to enjoy yours.
    Thanks for featuring my closet on your FB. I had already liked you page.
    Have a blessed week, Ginger


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