Thrifty Things Friday #128

Hi everyone!

TTF CoHost 1

I am so happy that my partner in crime….er….co-host Linda is back from her amazing adventures in Paris! If you haven’t had a chance to check out all her Paris days, go over to her blog and scroll back through all her posts! She had a fantastic time!

Today I am sharing some older thrift finds with you.

We are having a special “navy” tea today. I am not referring to the color Navy but, our actual military Navy.


For Christmas a couple of years ago, Troy gave me this Navy teapot. He found it at an antique store. Since I like to join online tea parties, I for some reason, never featured this teapot. So, I am today!



It came from the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosuka Japan.


I can only assume it was a gift. But, the fun part is I was born in 1963! What a cool Christmas gift for Troy to find for me! It is so unique that I can’t ever see giving it away.



A pretty and dainty little teacup.


A set of vintage sugar and creamer from Portugal that I found several years ago at a flea market. I paid .15 cents for the two pieces!

IMG_6687I am sure this was a ashtray but, I always use these pretty little dishes for spoon rests. It was ,25 cents at the same flea market as the creamer and sugar from above.




I just wanted to share my fun U.S. Naval teapot with all of you. It isn’t the prettiest teapot but, it represents a lot to me. Smile

And for those following along on my “Reverse-Thrifting” party on TTG FB page, I donated the following after this tea:

  • Creamer and sugar
  • Teacup
  • Plaid napkin
  • Spoon rest/ashtray

I will be joining:

Blue Monday

Tea Time Tuesday

Okay, now it’s your turn! Show us your thriftiness!



Linda and I have decided not to have the "I was featured" post each week. However, I will be posting different linkups on my TTG FB page! Stop by and check it out!


  1. Hi, Diann. Thank you for hosting. I'm so happy to be here early for once! I love your Navy teapot--I can see why it has so much meaning for you! ~Zuni

  2. Hi Diann! Love the Tea and how special is that teapot. Perfect find.

  3. I love those treasures we have and enjoy that have special meaning to us. The tea pot is amazing! Give that hubby one more hug and ENJOY!

  4. I love your Navy teapot and the meaning it carries for you...I specially love things like this! Thank you for hosting and for visiting me. Big hugs,

  5. I'm so happy...I'm back at the party with my lattice chicken pie, lol! Thank you so much.

  6. Diann it's good to be back! I love that tea pot, what a cool gift. I am so proud of you and your reverse thrifting! I promised myself that I would get back to downsizing soon!

  7. Glad Linda brought Tiger such a sweet Paris tshirt. Thank you for hosting Thrifty Things Friday Diann, love joining in.

  8. Great finds, Diann. I love the teapot...Christine

  9. LOVE the teapot. How special is that.

  10. The teapot is a keeper! I love how thoughtful your husband is! Thanks for hosting!

  11. Oh, that teapot -- swoon! I absolutely love it and have never seen anything like it!

  12. Beautiful teacup, but that teapot is fabulous!!! Thanks for hosting TTF! :) Pam

  13. Great finds, Diann! I love the teapot...christine

  14. Hi Diann!!!!

    What a lovely gift from the Mr.!!!!

    Beautiful time for tea!!! The little ashtray/spoon holder is a great idea and it's so

    Thank you for showing us your beautiful tea pot with history!!! Have a great weekend!!!


  15. Diane, that teapot is so cool, and what fun that it is your birth year! laurie

  16. What a unique teapot! Thanks for the napkin, sugar and creamer.

  17. Hello Diann,

    I noticed that you had not added a photo, so I fixed it for you.

    Please consider returning and leaving a comment for me.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  18. Hi Diann, I enjoyed your Naval teapot so much. We were married in 1963 so it is a special year for us too. Your charming post just makes me smile.
    xo, Jeanne

  19. Hi Diann,
    The teapot is wonderful! What a memorable gift Troy found for you. It is truly unique. Your c/s and spoon rest are great finds too. As always, my friend, it's lovely to have you join me for tea. Happy Autumn and enjoy your day.


  20. Diann, I like your spoonrest, cup and saucer, and cream and sugar...but most of all, I love the teapot. That is something special!

  21. Your teapot is cool. Great story. All your blues are very nice.
    Thanks for sharing.


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