Thrifty Things Friday #127

Ahoy Matey!

talk like

Avast, today is “talk like a pirate day”! I’ve plundered some fun sunken treasures to share with you! (okay, that’s about the extend of my pirate talking abilities…LOL)

TTF CoHost 1

These are the last of the things I bought at Value world with my 50% off coupon.


I absolutely love using copper items at this time of the year. It just adds such a wonderful warm glow to your home.


I couldn’t pass up this unique little copper bucket. The roman design was just too fun!


MADE BY FRIDEE & NADEE-WESTERN-GERMANY (1940’s). I looked it up online and it originally had a hammered copper lid to it. I think it will be pretty with some faux Fall foliage in it. It was priced at $2.92 so I paid $1.46.


You know I can’t pass up a good bargain on almost anything table related! this is a set of 6 bamboo napkin rings. Priced at  $1.40. I paid .70 cents for them.


They will go beautifully with a lot of Fall and Winter Tablescapes.


With the holiday season coming up so quickly, this is the time of the year that I keep in mind giving goodies away so, I always need cake plates or any kind of container that I can use for baked treats.


I bought two of these Homer Laughlin “Dresden” cake plates to be given as part of a treat platter gift. I figure you can’t go wrong with this classic design! Each were marked 90 cents so I paid .45 cents each for them!


I just really liked these “wine” plates.




And priced at .80 cents each, I paid .40 cents for each of them!

Well, that was the last of the thrifted treasures I bought on my 50% of Value World shopping adventure.

I apologize for doing so little visiting last week! After getting home on Monday, we hit the floor running. We had 5 farmers markets and 5 class/presentations in 6 days! And since we headed up north for a little getaway immediately after doing the four day Michigan State Fair, when we got home, every spare minute was used to make more product. We are finally catching up and recovering from such a frantic week!

Okay, on with the show….er….the party!


  1. Hi Diann..sounds busy / crazy for you! :) I see two linkups but then underneath is says collection closed ( not the Link URL as usual )

    Will try later or tomorrow! :)

  2. I trying to talk like a pirate....but I still can't figure out how to link! heehee! I'll check back later! Sweet hugs!

  3. Great deals! Good for you. Will be linking up tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. That little bucket is adorable...I can see it filled with acorns.
    You sound like you have had a very busy schedule, one I don't envy you of, Diann! Thanks for hosting each week.
    Have a wonderful week...

  5. Diann, you found some great items! I love copper this time of year, as well! It works so well with the colors of the season. Thanks so much for hosting!

  6. Love everything you bought, but my favs are those wine plates! CUTE!
    So good to be back and joining the party again. I can't wait to visit everyone this week!


  7. Fabulous finds Diann! Love the Dresden plates. Now, go get some rest girl!!

  8. Thank you for hosting, Diann. What a great find at the auction! I love the thrill of an auction and going after something you want--and getting it!! :) ~Zuni

  9. Hi Diann, I know what you mean about being busy, hard to keep up! Thanks for hosting. -Dawn

  10. Love your pirate's bounty...way to plunder. :) I forgot to go by Krispy Kreme for a free Talk Like a Pirate Day donut. Thanks so much for hosting and sharing your great finds. Love the bamboo napkin rings and wine plates.

  11. I love the copper - absolutely fall... I am new here and linking up to the party.. thanks for hosting... I am following you on Bloglovin... Cathy

  12. Great finds. Love those plates. Happy almost the first day of fall day.

  13. Great finds, love the copper. Have a wonderful fall week coming up.

  14. Thanks so much for hosting. I am linking up my copper, too!


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