Harvest Moon Table

Hi everyone!


I feel blessed to be a farmer. Yes, we are classified in the state of Michigan as Urban Farmers. Farming is an honorable and vital career. Without farmers, we could not eat. They are the backbone of our lives.


I am also blessed to have met so many amazing farmers through the markets we do. They have become friends and feel like part of our family.


The respect I have for these hard working people has gone through the roof in recent years.


I see the absolute dedication they have to keep quality food on our tables. And to make our lives more beautiful through flowers and other gifts they produce.


This post is dedicated to the American Farmers throughout this country. I thank you so much for what you do!


It’s a simple table today. I didn’t want anything to overshadow the true stars of this dedication, the fresh produce from hard working people and families.


Last week was the harvest moon.

The Harvest Moon

The Time of the Harvest Moon

A harvest moon occurs at a specific time of the year. The moon officially turns full when it reaches the spot opposite to the sun. The harvest moon happens at 13:59 Greenwich time on the Saturday nearest to the fall equinox, which is September 23rd. Once in every three years we get the same full moon in October, but the one in September is called the harvest moon because farmers can continue their harvest late into the night by the light of the full moon. The same moon appears three days in succession, but the one that appears on Saturday is the one that receives this name. source:Moon connection


September This full moon’s name is attributed to Native Americans because it marked when corn was supposed to be harvested (source: Farmer’s Almanac)




I used these fun vintage Noritake dishes. Love the name of the line “Younger Image” LOL. I bet at the time (1969) they were quite modern or perhaps just Mod.



At the peak of harvest, farmers can work late into the night by the light of this Moon. Usually the full Moon rises an average of 50 minutes later each night, but for the few nights around the Harvest Moon, the Moon seems to rise at nearly the same time each night: just 25 to 30 minutes later across the U.S., and only 10 to 20 minutes later for much of Canada and Europe. Corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice the chief Indian staples are now ready for gathering. (source: Farmer’s Almanac)


And because it can’t be said enough…..

A HUGE Thank you to all the American Famers out there!

And on a personal note…..

Thank you to a couple of local Farmers that we are blessed to have in our lives and that provide us with so much amazing produce throughout the season……

Katie & Christian at The Garden Hoard 


Rick at Springbrook Gardens



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  1. Love the basket of fruit and your dishes are just perfect for fall. Hugs, Marty

  2. Really like those plates. Yes, where would this country be w/o farmers??

  3. I have so much admiration for farmers! What a lovely table and tribute!

  4. What a wonderful and thoughtful post!

    I agree- we cannot thank our hard-working farmers enough.

    I just wish there were more of them still left - but they were mistreated back in the 80s, weren't they? Makes me cry when I think of it.

    Your table is wonderful - I love that simple box with faux veggies, so rustic and neat looking.

  5. Nice tribute to our nations farmers. I am glad to be reminded of their sacrifices

  6. Nice tribute to our nations farmers. I am glad to be reminded of their sacrifices

  7. What a beautiful post dedicated to our farmers. I also love your table set for harvest!


  8. I think this is really sweet, my father grew up on a farm, it's how my grandparents made their living their whole lives. I love your vintage dishes! This post would be perfect for my new link party I'm starting tomorrow - wanted to invite you to join up. We Call It Olde Link-Up, for anything vintage. Starts 10/1, each Tuesday, hope to see you there! Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  9. A wonderful tribute to those who are often forgotten . We have a vibrant local farmer's market and most are on a first name basis. Love the crate of produce.

  10. Those plates are awesome! I was thinking they were going to be those melamine plates from the 60's, but even better that they are Noritake.

  11. I have never seen mod plates like this from Noritake -- these are fabulous! We have lots of farmers in our family in Ohio and they are indeed the backbone of our food industry. A lovely post!

  12. Beautiful table...love your harvest centerpiece.

  13. Farmers are hard workers and many on the Island make their living at this very thing. My grandfather was a farmer so I have a lot of respect for them. The basket of fresh produce looks so pretty and your dishes are 'groovy!' LOL! I had to laugh when you used the word MOD because I haven't heard it used in years. So glad you have shared this at my HOME and enjoy the rest of your week.


  14. Thank you so much for linking this to my first We Call It Olde Link-Up! Thanks to you, my first week was a success. I hope to see you there again each Tuesday with your antique, vintage, or history-related article. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  15. I remember those plates, in fact I have seen them in thrift stores a time or two! Love the box of produce, it is making me hungry.
    Have a wonderful week...

  16. Diann, I loved this post. Great to know about the Harvest Moon, and your tribute to farmers is very touching. I featured you at this week's Grace at Home party!

  17. Saw that you were featured at Grace at Home and I can see why. Beautiful! Now following. Please visit me any time. Blessings!


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